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NFL Media analyst Elliot Harrison ranks the Top 5 players in Atlanta Falcons history. Subscribe to NFL on YouTube: 1. Claude Humphrey …

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  1. Funny how time changes things!!! Now in 2019 Julio Jones and Matt Ryan have to be added to that list… id even go as far as taking Deion off because he wasnt a Falcon long enough and had better years with Dal/SF…

    my top 5…

    Keith Brooking
    Chuck Smith

    honorable mention

    Jamal Anderson
    Roddy White
    Andre Rison

  2. Both were great linebackers (Tuggle, Nobis) but if I had a choice between the two both being in their prime, I'm taking Nobis. I'm lucky enough to have have seen both in their prime. Choosing Tuggle because he was lucky enough to have played on a better team kinda invalidates your list in my opinion. And not only would Nobis be on my list he'd be top 2 at least. The only player that has an argument for number 1 over Nobis would be Claude Humphrey because he is a HOFer.

  3. No William Andrews??? A big back who was good for 12-1,300 yards. Also had seasons where he caught 50, 59 and 80 passes. FOR A BIG RUNNINGBACK…. And did fans see his hit on Ronnie Lott??? If Falcon fans have no clue who he is they should be ashamed of themselves.. The only crime against Andrews was he hurt his knee.. His '81 campaign??? 7th in rushing, 4TH in Receiving.!!!!! FOR A BIG BACK?????

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