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We saw Lebron James and the Cavaliers bring the glory home to Cleveland in the NBA Finals, so let’s check out the Top 5 NFL Playoff Performances of All Time!

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  1. What Eli Manning did in postseason 2011 was nothing short of spectacular. Most postseason passing yards; beat both the #1 and #2 seeds on the road, and then Tom Brady in the Super Bowl AGAIN. With little help from his 32nd ranked running game and 29th ranked defense. Unreal.

  2. Larry no doubt should be higher. Only a few receivers can take over games the way Larry did in the 09 playoff run, but No receiver has ever willed their team in the playoffs. They were 9-7 he went on a tear and beat the best teams in the nfc in historic fashion and put his team up in the finals seconds of the Super Bowl and only to see it stolen from him. Larry deserves a damn ring and some respect

  3. my favorite moment in sports history watching the Ravens winning in 2012, seeing Ray go out on top with his last ride and Flacco hoisting MVP with the best playoff run of all time.. feels good to be a Ravens fan. let's get back to it

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