UFC 200 – Jose Aldo Wins Unanimous Decision vs Frankie Edgar

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Fight Info

  • UFC 200 – Interim Featherweight Title – Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar
  • Location: Las Vegas, Nevada SAT. JUL. 9, 2016
  • Jose Aldo: 25-2-0
  • Frankie Edgar: 19-4-1


Jose Aldo Wins by Unanimous Decision vs Frankie Edgar


Fight Scores

  • Jose Aldo: 81/193 Strikes, 0/0 Takedowns, 0 Submission Attempts
  • Frankie Edgar: 81/267 Strikes, 0/11 Takedowns, 0 Submission Attempts


  • Jose Aldo had a powerful 1st round finish on the last 10 seconds with a flying knee and left hook
  • Aldo had a beautiful right hand in round 3 to open Frankie’s cut more
  • Frankie was almost knockdown in Round 4 but was able to get up quickly

FAN Voting

  • Jose Aldo: 77%
  • Frankie Edgar: 23%


UFC 200 – Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar fought on July 9, 2016, Aldo wins match on unanonimous decision against Frankie Edgar

After Jose Aldo got knocked out in 13 seconds against Conor McGregor, this fight is his redemption to get back to glory he held for the last 10 years. Frankie Edgar started aggressive but Jose Aldo was able to get a flying knee and left hook in the last 10 seconds of first round which shook Frankie and got the momentum back in the fight.

Jose Aldo’s corner

Telling Aldo that he is there to punch hard and finish

Frankie Edgar’s corner

Frankie is taking a lot of hits but he needs to counter and out-punch Jose

Jose Aldo’s speech after winning
He loves his Coach, Frankie is a GReat Athlete, but he has one goal to beat 1 guy, and he points McGregor. He lost his father but his coach is the father.

Additional news on Jose’s win

Historic milestones in UFC 200

  • Frankie Edgar is the first fighter to log 6 hours in the Octagon
  • Sold-out UFC 200 – 19,000 in attendance

UFC 200 – Jose Aldo vs Frankie Edgar Videos

Octagon Interview

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