15 Foods to Win a Healthy Training

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Healthy training means a healthy diet.

Food is like our body fuel to keep us going and helps us recuperate.

Diet is not only restricting oneself with small amount of food but also choosing the healthy options.

It takes a lot of energy to work on intensity exercises such as combat sports. Either your goal is to loose weight or gain energy, people who exercise or do sports eat based on their body needs.

Here are 15 Foods to Win a Healthy Training:

Power of Protein – are essential nutrients, building blocks for body tissues and serve as a fuel source of the body. Protein can be found on different kinds of food like on meat.

  1. Eggs or Egg Whites – it has high amount of protein our body needed such as amino acids for healthy muscles. Have an omelet for breakfast, sunny side-up for lunch and boiled egg for dinner. If you are watching your cholesterol, just use the egg whites.
  2. Grilled Chicken – is the leanest source of protein. Use skinless chicken marinated or just salt and pepper then grill, top it in wheat tortilla with low-fat cheese for quesadillas or salads with light dressings.
  3. Lean Beef – is the ideal source of protein. You can have it in stir fry with some veggies or rice perfect for after strength workout.
  4. Tofu – is full of heart-healthy fats, and cholesterol free. You can have tofu as a filling to a tasty burger with some tomatoes and lettuce.
  5. Fish – is an ideal protein as it is low in saturated-fat and rich in omega 3. It has mineral with anti-oxidant powers involved in enzyme function. Prepare some salmon or cod, steam it with some lemon, herbs and vegetables.

Rich in Fiber and Carbohydrates – carbs is one of the main food that our body obtain energy and calories. These nutrients are essential for us to have a proper body functioning, especially before and after workout when you need so much energy. Anyhow we tend to burn those calories intake.

  1. Brown Rice – is a whole grain rice, a lot healthier than the white rice as it rich in good carbs and fiber for weight loss. You can have it steamed and top with some fish or chicken.
  2. Sweet Potatoes – is a root-crop with a sweet taste. It has a very good amount of nutrients and can be digested fast than any other staple food. You can have it just boiled or bake it with some olive oil salt and pepper.
  3. Pasta – if you have tournaments or game the next day, pasta is one of the best meal to have. It will definitely make you full. Just boil it, add some roasted tomatoes, olive oil with salt and pepper for sauce.
  4. Quinoa – is a mild grain with a pleasant chewy texture. Quinoa is getting more popular now for people on a diet as we learn its benefits especially in weight lose. Cook it with some broth, add some beans or tofu and serve.
  5. Whole Grain Bread – is one of the food with highest amount of good carbs and plenty of fiber for good digestion. You can have it toast for breakfast, sides during lunch or a snack with peanut butter and a banana.

Packed with Vitamins and Minerals – these are the nutrients that the body needs such as  strengthen bones, heal wounds and boost your immune system. If you are away from illnesses and feel better you can train almost everyday.

  1. Fruits – have some banana in breakfast, watermelon at lunch, an apple for snack and orange for dinner. Berries are also good or grapes with some light cheese or dips if you want.
  2. Smoothies – fruit smoothies are the best, especially every after workout. Add some protein shake or some green vegetables like kale for additional nutrients intake and raw honey for some sweet taste. Try to store frozen fruits like berries, mangoes, papaya and pineapple for an easy to make smoothies everyday.
  3. Vegetable Salad – this is the easiest food to prepare, just toss some kale, spinach, baby carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes with light dressing and your meal is ready. You can add some grilled chicken on it or some tofu is fine.
  4. Nuts – are highly source of energy. Have a handful of almonds or cashews during snack time for an instant energy boost. Or top these nuts on your salads or even in smoothies.
  5. Legumes – such as peas and beans are packed with vitamins and minerals that are awesome for metabolism fro digestion, magnesium for strong bones and iron for healthy blood cells. You can cook legumes with ground beef for some burritos or just simply top it off on your salad.

These are just few of the foods to eat and win a healthy training. Milk is also essential for those who are not allergic to dairy, and of course lots and lots of water to keep you hydrated all the time.

Eat proper food, don’t skip your meals.

Eating healthy helps you reach your best potential on every sports or any physical activities.


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