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  1. A few facts to consider:

    1) During the Falcons' 5-0 start last season we averaged over 30 points a game. With a HUGE hole filled at the center position, a more well rounded receiving corps and Coleman in his second year, the offense has a great chance to get off to another good start and are now more suited to sustain it throughout the whole season.

    2) We were the only team to beat the Panthers during the regular season and none of our losses (except the other game vs. the Panthers) were by more than 10 points. The Falcons can compete against any team, doesn't matter how "hard" they're supposed to be. They just need to stop letting games get away. If they improve in the redzone they'll win games.

    3) The defense got a big time makeover. The starting linebacker group is completely different than last year, with 2 very impressive rookies and our 1st round pick last year (in a change of position) being the starters (Beasley, Jones and Campbell). We also have our 1st round SS to add to our solid secondary. If we can conjure up a pass rush withour LBs and the additions of Shelby, Upshaw and Freeney to our D line, our defense will be twice as good as last year.

  2. Julio needs a better QB even though he went over 1800 yards last season, hope they make playoffs I thought they were going to last season cause they were part of the slew of teams to start undefeated for longer than 5 or 6 games

  3. This team can easily be a 10 game win team this year, even with the schedule. I feel like sports analyst and commenters are ranking them low just because they are looking at the surface. I can't blame them for that because at the end of the day they haven't made the playoffs in 3 years.However, I believe this team is hungry. This team has become extremely better on defense and this year I believe things are a little more settled since we are in year 2 with Coach Quinn. Everyone of those teams that are claimed to be the Falcons toughest opponents this year are beatable and the Falcons have beat them before with a worse roster. The Falcons have beat GB when they came to the dome, the Falcons have beat AZ at their home, and the Falcons put the only loss to the Panthers during the regular season last year.Another thing to add, I believe people are giving the Panthers way to much credit this year.We are so quick to forget that 2 years ago the Panthers were not looked at in the same light that they are right now. Yes they had a break out season last year but I don't think they will follow up last years performance. I believe Cam has a huge target on his back, their defense is not the same and I believe they may be putting to much faith in Benjamin. The X factor for the falcons is indeed Matt Ryan. Last year he just looked super uncomfortable. This year he finally has a decent line, so I'm hoping everyone can stay healthy and Kyle Shannonhan plays to Matts strengths. I believe Matt plays best when he can control the plays at the line of scrimmage. I would like to see the Matt Ryan from 3 years ago. This is a make or break season for him and the OC in my eyes. They say he worked really hard this off season to get better with himself, his line and WRs so we shall see this year.Honestly, this team is not short on talent and high on potential, they simply have to get out of their own way. Meaning no careless turnovers (i.e. costly fumbles when we are gaining momentum or red zone interceptions).If the offense cleans up the turnovers from last year and the defense can cause any form of pass rush, this team goes from 8-8 to 10-6 easy. Giving them a very good chance at a playoff spot and at the very least a wild card spot.

  4. Shanahan's fault Julio only had 8 td's. The guy is clueless, forces the ball to Julio everywhere except the endzone. I would say Ryan used to be elite (2012) but is on a serious decline, therefore I think he has the most to prove. He NEEDS to protect the rock in the redzone this year.

  5. I'm glad some people realize how good Tru is. couldn't believe he wasn't on the top 100 players last. I mean I know it's just one list but that shocked the hell out of me. Definitely top 5 corner

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