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Last season the Carolina Panthers perfect season ended after a week 16 loss to the Atlanta Falcons. Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial of …

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This NFL’s video is titled Panthers vs. Falcons: Revenge Match of the Week | NFL Now and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:04:41, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Whoever directed this, is terrible. Completely wrong view of what happened. and the line, "Completely terrible way for this to end", more like the perfect way to show that Cam is not special.

  2. I remember that game. Huge Falcons fan, but they aren't usually on in my area. Was getting play by play on my phone. I was so nervous as I refreshed the page, something started to come up. I read quickly and saw that the Falcons had forced a fumble and we're going to win. I was so happy! LET'S DO IT AGAIN FALCONS!! BEAT THE PANTHERS!!

  3. The Panthers will not make the playoffs in 2016. Losing organizations will always find ways to remain at the bottom. The teams has a little success, then they get big headed and start acting like they have been at the mountain top for years. They start by not resigning key players that has contributed to the teams successes by being cheap and then they find themselves back where they started. Right back on the bottom. Dan Gilbert "The owner" of the Cleavland Cavaliers found this information out the hard way, then he applied the corrective science and got it right. In order for an organization to become winners…well let's just say…Success has its price.

  4. Go Falcons! And they stomped then again this past week! It's the Falcons turn to run the south!!! Go Dirty Birds!!! Next is Denver!!! Back to back wins on the super bowl teams! Let's go Atlanta!!!! Get pumped up!!!

  5. I can tell the depression from Heath Evan's voice. He hates the Falcons so damn badly. He wanted the panthers to destroy the falcons so badly but nope ATL gave Carolina a BIG L

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