Watch NFL 2003 Playoffs NFC Divisional Round: Panthers Upset Rams in 2OT | NFL Full Game

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In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents the Panthers amazing double overtime win against the Rams. 14:15 Wilkins 20-yard Field Goal 20:01 Jake …

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This NFL’s video is titled 2003 Playoffs NFC Divisional Round: Panthers Upset Rams in 2OT | NFL Full Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:30:29, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 14:15 Wilkins 20-yard Field Goal

    20:01 Jake Delhomme Intercepted by T. Polley

    25:06 Wilkins 26-yard Field Goal

    26:06 S. Davis 64-yard Run

    30:06 Crazy Fumble Touchdown

    43:49 Marc Bulger 28-yard Pass to C. Cleeland

    40:26 Wilkins 24-yard Field Goal

    51:48 John Kasay 45-yard Field Goal

    54:47 Julius Peppers Sack

    1:01:18 Wilkins 51-yard Field Goal

    1:06:11 Kasay 52-yard Field Goal

    1:19:51 Kasay 34-yard Field Goal

    1:25:36 Bulger Picked Off by Minter

    1:27:23 Steve Smith 36-yard Catch from Delhomme

    1:32:21 Hoover 7-yard TD Run

    1:33:57 Bulger Intercepted by D. Grant

    1:37:30 Start of Rams Comeback

    1:50:17 Marshall Faulk 1-yard TD Run

    1:54:08 Rams Recover Onside Kick

    2:00:26 Wilkins 33-yard Field Goal

    2:00:57 Start of Overtime

    2:11:06 Kasay Misses 45-yard Field Goal

    2:13:02 Isaac Bruce 26-yard catch from Bulger

    2:17:20 Wilkins Misses 53-yard Field Goal

    2:25:02 Faulk 25-yard Catch and Run from Bulger

    2:25:42 Bulger Picked Off by R. Manning

    2:29:19 Steve Smith 69-yard TD from Delhomme to Win

  2. Kurt had never lost a home playoff game and he was healthy sitting on the Bench. I say any other coach turns to him at some point in this game but he never did.

  3. 2:25:53 What an amazing play by Manning Jr. Can't really put that one on Bulger, maybe more so on Holt. And Jake Delhomme was so likable and clutch. For what it's worth, he played 10x better in Super Bowl 38 than Cam did in Super Bowl 50, and didn't pout about it after the game.

  4. 2:17:25– I was a senior in HS, watching the game and drinking beers with friends in my parents' basement. When the kick was on its way, I remember saying, "That's it. Great season, but it's over." Still can't believe it came up short.

  5. I wonder if the Rams win this game, who wins the NFC title game between STL @ PHI. Philly came out flat after 4&26 in real life but would they match up better with the Rams?

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