Watch NFL Bengals Big Comeback for OT Win vs. Seahawks (Week 5, 2015) | NFL Full Game

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In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents the Bengals comeback win against the Seahawks! 5:58 Dalton 14-yard TD Pass to T. Eifert 12:41 R. Wilson …

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This NFL’s video is titled Bengals Big Comeback for OT Win vs. Seahawks (Week 5, 2015) | NFL Full Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:29:08, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 5:58 Dalton 14-yard TD Pass to T. Eifert

    12:41 R. Wilson 30-yard TD Pass to J. Kearse

    49:34 Dalton Picked Off by E. Thomas

    56:26 Wilson Pass to Graham for 22 yards to set up Field Goal

    1:03:03 Wilson Completes 46-yard pass to Baldwin on 3rd and 3

    1:03:34 Wilson Picked Off by Adam Jones

    1:09:31 T. Rawls 69-yard TD Run

    1:15:02 B. Wagner 23-yard Fumble Recovery for TD

    1:36:29 Adam Jones Returns punt 35 yards

    1:40:08 Dalton 10-yard TD Pass to Eifert

    1:53:15 Dalton 5-yard Rush TD

    1:58:41 Bengals Defense Stops Wilson to Force Punt

    2:01:57 Start of Dalton Game-Tying Drive

    2:04:18 Eifert makes Clutch Catch

    2:06:19 Nugent Game-Tying 31-yard Field Goal

    2:21:29 Wilson Sacked by Dunlap on 3rd Down

    2:22:56 Start of Dalton Game-Winning Drive

    2:27:33 Nugent Game-Winning 42-yard Field Goal

  2. Bengals really should have ended the playoff win drought that year but they blew it big time, never recovered from that loss, and now it looks like they’re going to be stuck in 4th place for a long time.

  3. I hated pacman, I'm so glad he's gone from Cincinnati. He was always such a stain on the city. Glad Marvins gone too, our football culture in Cincinnati needed a facelift for sue. Who Dey!

  4. Man, I sure do miss Adam "Pacman" Jones.

    Nah, just kidding. I don't miss that idiot. That arrogant, knuckle-dragging moron cost Cincinnati a playoff win later in the year due to his utter lack of impulse control when Joey Porter goaded him into a 15-yard penalty (when Roethlisberger could barely throw due to an injury) that put Pittsburgh into FG range for the game-winner.

    Who would EVER have seen THAT coming?

    2:00:28 – Oh, that's right. Everybody.

    The Bengals will always be a crappy team until they decide to stop bringing in athletically talented criminals with the mental capacity of a fence post.

  5. I knew we were good back then but 2nd ranked offense just blew me away when I opened this up. I remember the absolute joy I had when we won this game and to see how far we fell is just heartbreaking.

  6. I think Marvin Lewis deserved more credit for getting the Bengals out of the cellar of the 90s the team was very competitive each and every year under his tenure, he just didn't win the playoff games but the team hadn't been very good outside of him since the late 80s.

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