Conor McGregor Gets California Boxing License

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Conor McGregor has been playing with the idea of fighting Mayweather in the boxing ring for several months now; but all of that had just been small talks and taunts until on Wednesday when McGregor has been issued a boxing license in the state of California.

According to the California State Athletic Commission executive officer Andy Foster — “He got a license today and a federal ID, He’s a California boxer now.”

The California State Athletic Commission issues around 1200 boxing license every year but none of them is newsworthy until McGregor who is the only fighter to hold titles in two divisions in UFC has gotten his. Conor McGregor is a huge name in UFC with a large fan base because of what he brings — spark, unfiltered loud mouth and most especially his fighting skills.

Andy Foster adds – “He’s qualified [as a boxer]. I’d love to see him fight in California. It just needs to be the right opponent. Certainly a high-level opponent. We’re happy to license him. We’re happy he’s a California fighter.”

His first boxing fight would probably be in California but expect to see him fight in other places as it is believed he is applying for licenses in other states.

McGregor hinted about a huge announcement after his last UFC fight at UFC 205 on Nov. 12 in New York after he defeated Eddie Alvarez, he however said he is going to be a father, but people still thinks he is keeping something more.

Conor is expanding his reach and options ad he has a knack for alienating organizations; he recently threatened to stay away from Las Vegas because of a dispute with the Nevada State Athletic Commission where he got fined $150,000 for throwing a water bottle at Nate Diaz.

After UFC 205 in New York, McGregor, who was stripped of the featherweight title last week, was outspoken in demanding an ownership stake in the UFC in return for the attention and revenue he has brought the company.

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