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In honor of Free Game Friday the NFL presents the Jaguars epic upset of the Broncos! 7:36 Elway 19-yard Run 14:44 Terrell Davis 47-yard Run 18:37 Hebron …

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This NFL’s video is titled Jaguars vs. Broncos – 1996 AFC Divisional Playoffs: Jaguars Upset John Elway | NFL Full Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:04:13, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 7:36 Elway 19-yard Run

    14:44 Terrell Davis 47-yard Run

    18:37 Hebron 1-yard TD Run

    28:12 Elway to Sharpe 18-yard TD

    33:56 Means 18-yard Run

    37:25 Hollis 46-yard Field Goal

    46:35 Brunell to Means for 29 Yards on Third Down

    48:46 Brunell to Jackson for 19 Yards on Third Down

    50:05 Natrone Means 8-yard TD Run

    57:09 Means 21-yard Run

    57:45 Brunell to Jimmy Smith for 44 Yards

    59:53 Hollis 42-yard Field Goal

    1:11:55 Brunell to McCardell for 31-yard TD

    1:21:16 Means 17-yard Run on Third Down

    1:32:06 Brunell to Stewart for 25 Yards on Third Down

    1:35:00 Hollis 22-yard Field Goal

    1:40:21 Elway to McCaffrey for 12 Yards on Third Down

    1:40:58 Terrell Davis 2-yard TD Run

    1:47:35 Brunell 29-yard Run

    1:50:39 Brunell to Jimmy Smith for 16-yard TD on Third Down

    1:58:36 Elway to McCaffrey for 15-yard TD

    2:00:47 Jaguars Recover Broncos Onside Kick Attempt

  2. This game doesn't get the love it should. We're talking a 2nd year team, in it's first playoff, going into one if the top 3 stadiums to win in, especially with Elway at QB. The Broncos were 13-3 cruising into this game well rested and everything going for them. They came out smokin', and got a lead. It was supposed to be what it looked like in the 1st quarter, a blowout. But, the Broncos did the 3 things that will surely get you beat in a playoff, let alone a regular season game.

    1. 2 special teams mistakes that leads to coaches "chasing" points.
    2. The defense, didn't show up. Poor adjustments made throughout the game. They played so bad, it spilled over to the offense, who anyone could see got flustered. The part that was the biggest killer was having no time outs left when they scored their last touchdown and a just under 2 mins left. Once the Jags recovered Game Over….Season Over…Instant Despair and a Long…Long…Long…Offseason!

    3. Blitzing a running QB, allowing him to control the defense instead of the other way around. That last blitz that the Broncos did that made Brunnell look just like Steve Young was inexcusable, but that's how unprepared the Broncos were, and they paid dearly for it. That loss cost them a real chance at a 3peat!, but at the same time set the stage for Back to Back Championships. Hey!!! You take the good with the bad and keep the bad in the back seat.

    This game should be up there as far as monumental upsets in NFL history! The reason why it isn't, is because while the Broncos were climbing up the charts as far as great franchises and popularity, they still were known as "chokers"! Losing 4 Super Bowls, getting their horseshoes handed to them every time. The "real" football fans know how BIG a upset that was. Imagine, we almost had both expansion teams, in their second seasons in the Super Bowl! What's the odds? What was the odds that not only both going to the playoffs, winning, and going to the Conference Championship games? Really makes you go hummmmmmm!!!

  3. One of the greatest moments in Jacksonville history…Brunell's run with 4:30 to go in the game. Seems like he ran forever. What a moment. Denver media, players, and fans got what they deserved!! Total disrespect turned into total loss!!

  4. I'm convinced that those Orange Crush uniforms were just bad luck incarnate even Naruto Uzumaki would have been dumbfounded.

  5. If the Jags had beaten the Jets in the 1998 playoffs, it would have set up these three teams to meet up for the third straight year to battle for the AFC crown.

    Had the making of a really nice rivalry between the two teams.

  6. Mark Brunell, one of my favorite QBs, along with Jim Plunkett, Warren Moon and Drew Brees ?. I think he’s easily one of the Top 5 lefty QBs of all time, as well.

  7. As a broncos fan this game still bites and I remember as a kid how disappointed I was. But I still believe they won the next two Super Bowls because of this game because they never took a game off or for granted after this one

  8. I hate this excuse because everyone uses it, but watching this game in hindsight from a neutral vantage point I feel it’s very safe to say that the Jags don’t win this game without a lot of help from the refs.

  9. I went to this game. I beileve it is the most underated playoff game of all time. It was an amazing game honestly. And it was never over until the onside kick!

  10. Kudos to Jacksonville pulling the upset. This game and the Vikings/49ers from 1987 are 2 playoff upsets that will always baffle me.

  11. Born 03/90 been a jags fan since 95. I’m over here watching this replay of game that happened when I was 7 like it happened yesterday…the golden Era of the Jaguars .

  12. Forgotten subplot of this game- the Denver weather on conference championship Sunday was below 0: high of 11.2, low of 0.4

    Had the Broncos won, the Patriots would have had to play in below zero temperatures at night (Green Bay couldn’t have hosted the late game since the weather was barely better for a noon start at Lambeau)

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