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QB Matt Ryan takes the lead with a clutch touchdown pass, but again Safety Eric Berry picks of the 2-point pass attempt and returns it the length of the field for a …

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This NFL’s video is titled Matt Ryan Throws TD Pass, But Eric Berry Returns 2-Point Conversion to Take the Lead Back! | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:03, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!



  1. Broncos: Blocked extra points returned for game winning 2 points
    Raiders: OLB khalil mack pick 6 which ended up winning the game
    Chiefs : Eric berry pick 2 on Matt Ryan

    who is missing?
    oh yeah the chargers
    chargers: botched snap on field goal which caused their comeback efforts to fail

  2. This is for all the haters who refuse to believe in the Chiefs in spite of resilience and straight domination week after week. We still won't get respect, but that's okay. We'll just take it all under the radar. Starting running back out for year…starting wide receiver out…backups galore…don't care. 😉

  3. Awful mistake. But Matt ryan should still be the front runner for MVP… no disrespect to Derek Carr, but Matt ryan has played the toughest schedule in the NFL this year ( @ Oakland, @ Denver, @ Seattle, vs GB, vs KC vs ARI). He is 2nd is passing yards behind Drew Brees who isn't even a contender for MVP, 2nd in QBR behind Tom Brady, 3rd in passing TD's, and first in yards per attempt. He is having a fantastic season. Yes this was an inexcusable mistake, but it was a mistake against a very good team, and his entire body of work should not be condemned for one bad mistake, especially when they are very much in the playoff mix still.

  4. I have all respect for Eric Berry. From fighting off cancer last year and to come back swinging is really saying something. With all the stress he must've been going through making life not quite simple, he did what he does on the feild and found a way. So all props to him as he's a real inspiration.

  5. Somebody can verify this. I think that's the second time in NFL history that a team leading by one, lost by one. The other time it was a team (Dallas Cowboys?) scoring a game winning safety on defense.

  6. What terrible commentators. An AMAZING play, super rare, super important with an immediate lead change, and they aren’t even excited about it. They’re barely saying what’s happening.

  7. The announcers seem nonplussed about this very unusual and interesting play where the defense returns a conversion and get two points. I'd like think the comment section here would be more aware but that is not the case.

  8. When I conceded that type of safety on Madden, i thought game was broken and team that intercepted me should gain 6 pts or 6 plus extrapoint. Never saw that before. Even googled it? Lucky it was just 2 pts which were not critical so i still had lead and won later??

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