Western Michigan Broncos 13-0 Deserve Cotton Bowl


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P.J. Fleck with a 13-0 record with the Western Michigan Broncoshas no plans to watch as the rest of college football’s final weekend before bowl season plays out during the next two days. In his mind, he already knows where his team is headed —

“It’s a historic day in Western Michigan history, and we deserve to be in the gosh darn Cotton Bowl, period. Write it down.”

Michigan Broncos currently ranked 17th won their 13th straights against Ohio 29-23 at Ford Field winning their first conference championship in 28 years, also finishing 8-0 in Mid-American conference.

A 13-0 record is a very strong case and Fleck feels they should be at the Cotton Bowl regardless of what happens with any team over the weekend. Navy ranked number 19 could potentially get ahead of the Western Michigan if they beat Temple in the American Athletic Conference. Although they have lost against Temple, Fleck feels there is nobody to challenge them —

I don’t think there’s anybody to pay attention to. Who are we paying attention to? Why are we paying attention to anyone? We are 13-0. We are the best Group of 5 team in the country.

Western Michigan quarterback Zach Terrell has a positive perspective on the situation —

Honestly, we’ve done all we can do. Whether or not we’re in the Cotton Bowl, we can’t control that. All we control is winning the games on our schedule, and we’ve done that.

Fleck feels that their unbeaten record is proof that they deserve a sport on the five smaller conferences and that he and his staff will recruit over the weekend wearing cotton —

I’m going wear cotton shirts. I’m going to have cotton slippers. I’m going to have cotton earmuffs. I’m going to have a cotton jacket. I’m going to wear everything cotton from here on out.

This afternoon, the College Football Playoff selection committee will release the final rankings.

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