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The NFL presents the 2003 AFC Wild Game between the Tennessee Titans & Baltimore Ravens! 12:29 Chris Brown 6-yard TD Run 17:32 Will Demps Pick Six …

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This NFL’s video is titled 2003 AFC Wild Card: Tennessee Titans vs. Baltimore Ravens | NFL Full Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:00:56, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 12:29 Chris Brown 6-yard TD Run

    17:32 Will Demps Pick Six

    32:37 Ed Reed Picks Off McNair

    41:17 A. Wright 30-yard Pass to T. Taylor

    46:39 Matt Stover 43-yard Field Goal

    1:07:49 McNair 49-yard TD Pass to J. McCareins

    1:28:55 S. Rolle Intercepts Wright

    1:32:24 Gary Anderson 45-yard Field Goal

    1:39:58 Heap 35-yard TD from Wright

    1:44:54 McNair Picked Off by McAlister

    1:49:06 Start of McNair Game-winning Drive

    1:57:08 Gary Anderson 46-yard Field Goal

    2:00:22 Ravens Final Play

  2. you have to admit eddie george was a workhorse when he played for tennessee and ray lewis who was the heart and soul for the ravens that got all his team pumped up

  3. Ray needs to stop break dancing, Eddie George made him eat a stiff arm that lifted dancing ray in the air and slammed him on the ground.. damn.

  4. Anyone find it interesting that Gary Anderson buries the former
    o-coordinator from the 98 vikings team he ruined? It all comes full circle.

  5. Titans won this game and then the week after had to play the Pat's in foxboro when there was a severe arctic cold outbreak in january in new England that made it like 5 degrees during the day and below zero at night and that cold lasted a lotta days in January 2004 I know cause I live in boston about 25 miles northeast of foxboro mass.

  6. Vrabel said his guys didn’t spend any time lookin up at all their banners. What a pos.
    He will never see 1 banner.

  7. 1:31:00 Eddie George stiff-arms Ray Lewis down to the ground in dominating fashion followed by fiery trash talk right in his face. No gain on the play, but one of the greatest of Eddie George's career.

  8. 2003 NFL playoffs ( my predictions if I was watching football in 03)
    Wild card
    #5 titans over #4 ravens
    # 6 cowboys over #3 Panthers
    #4 packers over #5 Seahawks
    #3 colts over #6 Broncos
    #2 rams over packers
    #1 patriots over #5 titans
    #3 colts over #2 chiefs
    #1 eagles over #6 cowboys
    Conference championships
    Patriots over colts
    Eagles over rams
    Super bowl 38
    Patriots over eagles

  9. I started watching football around this time because of Brett Favre. Been a Packers fan ever since.

    But my God were the Ravens and Titans fun to watch. Love coming back to these early 2000's games. Brings back so many memories

  10. Jeff Fisher was on George Seifert's coaching staff when Steve Young was the starting QB in San Francisco

  11. If there is a football season this year the playoffs won't feel the same without people. In fact none of the games will feel right

  12. It’s weird how the road team always wins whenever the Titans and Ravens face each other in the playoffs.

  13. Yeah I so glad I got the Baltimore ravens Jersey let's go ravens ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? I think the ravens win again the titans ray I'm a fan I know you doing your best my name is jaydon I don't like the Tennessee titans my mother likes the Baltimore I'm watching your 2003 video let's go ray Lewis wow omg good job let s take over the Tennessee titans

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