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Check out the Top 10 plays from the Atlanta Falcons amazing 2016 season. Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial of NFL Game Pass: …

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  1. 2010-Made it to the divisional round. (13-3)
    2011-Lost in Wildcard round.(10-6)
    2012-Won divisional, made it to NFC championship.(13-3)
    2013-Don't talk about this year. (4-12)
    2014-Don't talk about this year. (6-10)
    2015-Started 5-0, then missed playoffs. (8-8)
    2016-Won divisional, won NFC championship, made it to the Super Bowl.(11-5)
    2017-Get to playoffs, at least. (Anywhere from 10-6 thru 12-4 maybe?)
    2018-Win divisional, win NFC Championship, win Super Bowl as host? That'd be sweeter than elsewhere.(?-?)

    Clear pattern: Win Super Bowl in Atlanta in the 2018-2019 season.

  2. as a patriots fan, i feel really sorry for the falcons and their fan base. of all the teams in the league to beat in the super bowl, especially in that fashion, i wished it hadn't been atlanta. the falcons were the team i wanted to have success in the nfc, and they've been my favorite nfc team ever since julio's 1500 yard season. i really hope you guys are in the super bowl next year, and if the patriots aren't in it then i hope the falcons win. honestly, you guys deserve better after such a great year.

  3. Who cares that we lost a 28-3 lead. We're still the greatest nfc team. We did what Falcons do and mess up at end but who cares were still amazing

  4. 3:00
    Man. That play might've gone down as the best play in Falcons history if we ended up getting points out of it. Would've won SBLI and people (and the league) would've finally taken Atlanta seriously. Super Bowl 51 will haunt me until we get a ring.

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