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Check out Atlanta Falcons linebacker, Vic Beasley’s Top 10 Plays of the 2016 Season. Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial of NFL Game …

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  1. But yet he didn't do nothing in the superbowl, all he did was miss the pick in the endzone….. I dont think he even had a tackle smh

  2. I really don't rate this guy, at all. Don't guy why everyone is so high on him. I just don't see that "it" factor that's part of being a defensive force.

  3. vic is a young guy man… He doesn't have it all yet but i have full confidence that he will soon. He is a smaller guy but with time he will be able to be a strong presence in the run game and be an every down player. He isn't on khalil Mack and Von Miller level yet and that became very evident all post season seeing that he not only didnt record a single sack but only had 2 tackles all of 3 playoff games…

  4. Never got to see him play but this man is a dog coming out of Clemson I wanted my redskins to draft him but oh well

  5. Yall are some real hateful ass people. Considering he plays DE (even though he is listed as an OLB for some reason), don't expect him to make many tackles. Also he kept getting double teamed during the post season because offenses were scared of him

  6. My teams are in order of most to least liked– Pittsburgh Steelers, SAN DIEGO CHARGERS then Atlanta Falcons, so if kinda stung a bit seeing so many Chargers videos of Beasley taken them to town, but can't blame the Chargers. Vic Beasley is pretty good obviously not elite position wise, but he was a sack master this year.

  7. Remember when falcon fans said they played the toughest schedule. They actually ended up playing the 24th hardest schedule.???

  8. Ok all you fuckers saying this guy is overrated is wrong ok…this is only his 2nd year in the NFL and has already lead the NFL in sacks…he is gonna get even better along the line of his career and IMO he was a top 5 OLB this year whether you like it or not he had a good year and you can't take that away from him

  9. Honestly o don't watch college football so I can't say anyone a bust when I see there highlights on there draft day when picked so I don't I just wait for pick 32 hahaha

  10. why do linebackers like beasley ahd von miller play like defensive ends? whats the difference? they just seem to be doing what defensive ends do

  11. Vic Beasley and Grady Jarrett by all accounts had breakout years. Now they need reinforcements, and with the draft coming up, who will they be?

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