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Check out all of Atlanta Falcons QB Matt Ryan’s touchdowns from his 2016 MVP Season. Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial of NFL Game …

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  1. so pretty much payton manning threw for more tds in 16 games than matt ryan in a full season

  2. Just imagine if Brady had a healthy Gronk in the SB. Would've been a totally different game, hopefully he's there for the rematch. Ryan had a great season, but he's still a semi above average QB. He's had explosive offenses before, not as explosive as the current team, but enough to do what he did last season with those teams. The biggest takeaway for me is…

    Falcons put to much faith in Ryan. He's not Brady, he's not Rodgers, he's not Brees. He isn't a gunslinger. Last year he posted the lowest pass attempts in 6 years and he had the best season he's ever had. I do believe Falcons won't be as explosive as far as playcalling, but they are bringing back the same unit and you have to account for those weapons. And lastly, in big moments it has been proven that Ryan isn't that guy. Going all the way back to the SB there were plays in the 2nd half where he didn't look like he deserved the MVP. Even though Freeman missed the assignment that led to the Hightower strip sack, you didn't see Ryan locate the MLB. It's unfair to make someone like Ryan live up to TB12 standards, but hell you're a professional. It's a big down and you don't recognize what the defense was doing? Brady would've caught Hightower moving to the outside and made sure White had him covered or changed the play. You can't put that on the coaches, that's not a rookie out there. He could've moved Freeman the other side and dumped it off and they probably would've gotten a good 20 yards or more off of that. I just find it hard to go give credit to guys like Eli, Ryan, Big Ben and other QBs that have dynamic offenses and can't perform at a high level. If you look at the big plays by Julio, Ryan got bailed out multiple times. At least 2 of those were bad throws were Julio had to fight for the ball to keep it from getting intercepted. Gonna be interesting to see how the Falcons bounce back and can't wait for the rematch.

  3. NE fan here. Matty Ryan is a GREAT GREAT QB. He will be back in the big game soon. Good luck Falcons who are my second favorites.

  4. I've loved watching Matt Ryan play ever since his first pass as a pro was a touchdown. Love this guy

  5. Bro we will be back. Our offense and new found defense is way too powerful. Hopefully we will go back to back. But we come out winning this one

  6. I guess some people are just flat out blind, even if you bring out the film. Matt Ryan had one of the best QBR in Super Bowl history. It's not his fault Shanahan decided to throw the game away by passing in FG range while up 8 points in the 4th quarter. But again, leave it to the blind "fans" to think Pats deserved to win that game. ? It was a gift!

  7. One of the greatest QB seasons in NFL history. You can hate on Matty Ice all you want, but his 2016 MVP season definitely ranks right up there with the best of all time…

  8. My Pick in my Fantasy Football League this year! Great bounceback to expect…..Matty Ice, you rock!

  9. That season was so much fun until….well you know. Either way, best Falcons season I've been a part of!

  10. 2016 will be my favorite season as a falcons fan.. It was fun watching them play with no worry everytime the ball was snapped

  11. Great season undone by a RB missing a blocking assignment and the OC making stupid calls in crunch time.

  12. Bae had an Oline and a wizard in Kyle Shanghai but they getting that Oline back together so it’s gonna be looking up from now on! Ryan was so mobile that season but was annihilated last season with that high school oline

  13. man the crew we had that year, misses each and one of them. still hurts to look back.

  14. 2016 Atlanta falcons Matt Ryan his years win MVP an take his team to Superbowl even Tom Brady won super bowl but Atlanta falcons don't care about that they care Matt Ryan turn it up

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