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In honor of #TDTuesday we look back at every pick 6 from hall of fame cornerback Deion Sanders. Subscribe to NFL: Start your free trial of …

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This NFL’s video is titled Every Deion Sanders Pick 6! | #TDTuesday | NFL Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:02:43, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!



  1. Deoin is the only player I’ve ever seen who was highstepping when he still had people to beat – and fast people. I’m talking about wide receivers, and when he was returning punts, defensive backs. That’s why I always maintain he’s the fastest player ever – because as fast as people like Bo Jackson were, they were never fast enough to high step away from players who had 4.3 speed themeselves

  2. I attended the game @ 2:14 with my auntie. I was 12-years old. It was the last game for the Falcons at Fulton County Stadium, as the Georgia Dome opened the next season.

  3. theres nuttin like somebody staring you in the eye running down your sideline in your building giving you the business and theres not a dam thing you can do about it….

  4. What a destroying city of Dallas with Los Angeles behind it and social security office the main problem and what for? I wonder if yall know this man cause he shadows my every foot step after I forgave him and he wants me dead or does he..what side is he on. He has all the same USA ties I have location wise.

  5. DONT THROW THE BALL TO THE MAN NEXT TO DEION Because you know "And a pick 6 is made by Deion Sanders! as he salutes to the team and does him highstep"

  6. Without a doubt the greatest corner ever, it bothers me that he shares the same last name of the greatest rb of all time (Barry Sanders), who also was in the same draft and was one of the top 5 picks, but isn't related to him

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