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Gal Gadot’s WONDER WOMAN Workout (And a BIG THANKS TO SHEILA VOSSOUGH for coming in and taking on this workout with us! Sheila’s IG: …

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This Fitness’ video is titled Gal Gadot's WONDER WOMAN Workout and credited to Buff Dudes Workouts. Viewing time is 7:51, enjoy our fellow Fitness fans!


  1. Had some people wondering on our last superhero workout (Batman) why exercises such as Squats were missing. We didn't include them as we're doing the actual actor's workouts, not our own "Batman Style" workout. If you'd like to see our own take on certain workouts let us know and in the meantime we'll keep taking these on. Head a lot of fun with this one – look for Henry Cavill's SUPERMAN workout next!

  2. Let's consider the other "buff" Wonder Women out there: Gracyanne Barbosa, Lauren Drain Fit, Nay Fit, Qimma Russo, Massy Arias, Brittany Perille Yobe…. And, the list goes on….. Truth be told: It IS definitely possible to look like a super hero out of the comic books. Anything is possible as long as you put your mind to it… Height is the only factor that cannot be controlled because it's [nearly] entirely genetic.

  3. Jesus, so many comments hating on Gal and women as a whole. People need to shut the hell up and think before they type, cause one of these days, they're gonna piss off the wrong woman…

  4. you guys are rowing wrong… you wanna do them in order explode with legs then after full extension of legs go back and then go straight from arms out to bar against chest. youll find it will feel must diffrent after doing it the proper way. give you a proper work out. I love you guys by the way but I know you guys would probobly wanna make sure your doing your work out right. thanks for all the tips! hope I helped!

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