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NFL Total Access previews the Atlanta Falcons vs. Chicago Bears game. Watch Falcons vs. Bears, Sunday 1pm EST on FOX. Sign up for Fantasy Football!

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This NFL’s video is titled Atlanta Falcons vs. Chicago Bears | Week 1 Game Preview | NFL Total Access and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:12, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. I'm a little worried about this game, because for some the reason, the games the falcons should win turn out to be the ones they lose i.e lost year They lost to the chargers and chiefs at home. Then again, the bears aren't at the cusp of playoff contention that both of those teams are but you never know. Falcons 42-bears 21 (because garbage time)

  2. These are not the same Falcons from last year.10-6. This season. No Super Bowl this year. Most folks still gased up from last year. New OC means diff results

  3. Surprisingly, the Falcons struggle but win, 23-17. Ryan 250 yards passing 2 touchdowns 1 interception. Coleman 85 yards rushing 1 touchdown. Jones 8 receptions 95 yards receiving 1 touchdown. Glennon 170 yards passing 1 touchdown 1 interception.

  4. I don't think this game is close, Falcons should be better this year than last and the whole "lost the Super Bowl so they're going to be bad" rhetoric is completely stupid. The Bears will finish bottom 5 in the league this year unless they get smart and bench Glennon early.

    28-10 Falcons

  5. Glennon gonna light up the falcons and that Bears defense will make life miserable for Matty choke in Chicago
    Bears win 27-17

  6. It will no doubt be a good game. The Falcons have a lot prove considering how their season ended and they must be pumped after the Patriots lost at home. For the Bears, its a critical moment for them because there was a lot of changes this off season and everybody is eagerly waiting to see what kind of team they will become. The question is, can the Bears keep up or contain the Falcons? In NFC title game the Falcons ran circles around the Packers with their high power offense… Lets GO BEARS!!! Shut down Matt Ryan, the run game and Stop Julio Jones. Revive the MONSTERS OF THE MIDWAY!!

  7. Why is the media talking about SB hangover? In past five Super Bowls, only one team of the ten had a losing record the following season – Carolina. Additionally, the SB losers have a higher rate of making playoffs and retuning to SB than the SB winners. Seems to me the hangover rests with SB winners….check it out.
    PS: I limited it to five seasons, because it is typical of the talent turnover in the modern league.
    You know…these media personalities fully embrace scripted notions and one-liners, even when irrational or unsubstantiated; they keep on running off at the mouth. Foolishly, in my opinion.

  8. I'm a huge unc fan but a big falcons fan as well. I want the Falcons to destroy without trugoatsky playing and then Trubisky play the rest of the regular season games cuz he will expose the falcons lol

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