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NFL Playbook previews the Week 3 game between two undefeated teams the Atlanta Falcons, and the Detroit Lions. Watch Falcons vs. Lions Sunday, Sept.

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This NFL’s video is titled Atlanta Falcons vs. Detroit Lions | Week 3 Game Preview | NFL Playbook and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:19, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. I think the falcons are gonna win. This is coming from a die hard lions fan. I hope to God they put up a fight but falcons will win.

  2. Yeah there both good teams but I have a strong feeling that the falcons are going to blow the lions mad hard I'm a falcons fan all day like and if yall hating then think about what they did to the green bay packers last week the destoyed them on sight????#gofalcons

  3. Lions ? fans that said they're going to win deleted comments after atlanta won the game lmao. It was a really good game. Detroit is FR this season.

  4. Coming from a falcons fan I think the ball crossed the plane, but you shouldn't put the full blame on the refs, it was the coach's fault as well, why in the world would you run a slant with 8 seconds left and no timeouts remaining. No smart play calling from the Lions coach, no offense. Good game though Lions.

  5. WHAT A GAME!! Even though that was very controversial at the end, if you have a +3 turnover differential and still win, that is showing something. Props to Detroit for a hell of a game

  6. game highlights still havent been released. making me wonder if that last call everyone is talking about really is a bunch of bs

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