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NFL Playbook previews the Week 10 Monday Night Football game between the Miami Dolphins and the Carolina Panthers. Watch Dolphins vs. Panthers …

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This NFL’s video is titled Miami Dolphins vs. Carolina Panthers | NFL Week 10 Game Preview | NFL Playbook and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:02:22, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. i am telling everyone the benjamin trade is the best thing ever cause when we went 15-1 he was out the whole year now our offense can actually not make horrible mistakes with benjamin he is horrible he always drops passes and he doesnt even try when he plays and cant run routes either

  2. The panthers never win by a lot . Their coaches to looney . Even when they're dominant the coaches will dial it back. It does a lot for a teams confidence when they win by a lot. ( saints) Turn them loose coach r dang

  3. As a panthers fan im gonna say idk who will win this, anyones game. And i dont want to jinx and say we will destroy them. Look what happened during superbowl 50

  4. ?Definitely have to say this is a switch. Miami Dolphins are playing on a Monday night. Normally Miami Dolphin games are on Sundays and not Monday nights. Anyway as much as a big dolphins fan I am. I don't think I'm going to watch this football game tonight because WWE comes on Monday nights. I always watch wrestling on Monday nights who knows maybe I'll watch it back and forth during commercials. But hopefully Miami Dolphins to beat the Panthers. as much as I love Miami Dolphins and as much as they're my favorite football team. I'm getting so tired of them losing. I take it that Miami Dolphins are never going to go to the Super Bowl again. I don't want to doubt Miami Dolphins. I want to believe that they're going to do it but lately it just don't seem all that great for Miami Dolphins. Miami Dolphins ever did make it to the Superbowl and Win It. I'll probably be dead in My Grave by then laughing out loud.(( GO PHINS ))

  5. Panthers are not that good at home and the Dolphins have a good D.
    Dolphins O needs to run the ball more and use many screens.
    The D needs to contain Cam and not allow Panthers to establish a good RG.
    They can beat CAR the same as the beat ATL

  6. Poor dolphins, they are the worst underdogs but don't forgot this, Miami dolphins were the only team to never lose a game in a season (a long time ago)

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