Watch NFL Drew Brees' 271 Passing Yards & 2 TDs vs. Atlanta | Saints vs. Falcons | Wk 14 Player HLs

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Don’t miss player highlights from New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees against the Atlanta Falcons in Week 14 of the 2017 NFL Season. Have Your Say!

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This NFL’s video is titled Drew Brees' 271 Passing Yards & 2 TDs vs. Atlanta | Saints vs. Falcons | Wk 14 Player HLs and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:04:11, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Drew Brees choked. It's as simple as that. Sean Payton either should have told them to kick a field-goal or run the ball. Matt Ryan threw 3 INTs in this game and yet, Payton didn't want to trust his defense at that point? It was a stupid move.

  2. These Atlanta DBs show no mercy against the New Orleans WRs when that opportunity arrives. First, Snead gets blasted by Neal last time they played, and now Allen destroys Ted Ginn. Glad he didn't break any ribs frfr..

  3. This game was unwatchable……it was a damn flag fest. Horrible reffing….Falcons won’t have a chance in the Super Dome.

  4. This game was thought had some horrible calls and everybody got hurt but at the end of the day why tf would you not run the ball, this game was on Sean payton

  5. nFC south is the best division hands down …. Thanku ATL ..
    Keep pounding Panthers!!! This division is kinda right open …

  6. Goood faught game guys. Ref were horrible. Heal up get well. Ready to rock in roll in 2 weeks. Whodat saints!!!!

  7. His mind and heart wasn't in it he was crying after the game about playing on Thursday and how pointless Thursday games are lots of hard working Americans work 6/7 days weeks and we don't go crying to the media about working a Saturday once a year life's so hard for drew I feel for him

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