Watch NFL Picks 21-32: Lamar Jackson Gets Drafted, & WR's Go off the Board! (Round 1) | 2018 NFL Draft

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Recap pick 21-32 in the 2018 NFL Draft and get our experts’ analysis of how each player fits with each team. Check out our other channels: NFL Network …

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This NFL’s video is titled Picks 21-32: Lamar Jackson Gets Drafted, & WR's Go off the Board! (Round 1) | 2018 NFL Draft and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:13:43, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!



  1. Looking back at this draft I feel like he was the most disrespected Heisman trophy winner of all time considering his position and talent. Even though he didn't win it (Heisman) in the same year he was drafted but his talent was undeniable. Now to see him as the NFL MVP is an attestment to his skills and heart. I can almost guarantee to you that Joe Burrows will never win a NFL MVP. Not to knock Joe because he had one of the best college seasons of all time. Undefeated, Heisman, and National Championship and he deserved to be drafted 1st. But Tua will have a better career. But as for Lamar I believe the draft was his chip that made him fine tune his skills and shame his detractors.

  2. A lot of idiots in these comments. First it was "Lamar Jackson will be a bust". The moment he won MVP than it became "he'll never win a super bowl". Once he does that than they'll say "I bet he can't win it again". Haters gone hate no matter what lmao.

  3. I remember watching this and feeling so bad for Lamar. The fact he stayed there all by himself just knowing he would get picked. Now an MVP. That quote he said “they are getting a super bowl out of me” made a fan out of me.

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