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As we celebrate Jerry West’s 80th birthday, enjoy these career highlights from the Lakers legend himself! Subscribe to the NBA: For news, …

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  1. To the people who say shit like "West and many players from that era wouldn't make it in today's NBA", you might be right, but only if you use this sort of naive "you put these guys into time machine, send them to our time and make them play immediately" argument. Of course, sport advanced a lot, there's literally hundreds of times more money in the sport, you have staffs of dozens of people whose ONLY job is to analyze things, give the best medical/nutritional care/advice to the players, pros can dedicate ALL their time to improving while many players in the past couldn't make a living from just basketball and so on. All the current players benefited from decades of advancement and knowledge players in the 60s had no access to, so THEY were the ones to innovate and figure shit out and they managed to rise above their peers in their era. So sure, someone like Curry probably does pretty much everything better than West, strictly speaking. But if it wasn't for players like West, Curry probably wouldn't even exist as we know him today. If Curry entered the league in the 80s, he wouldn't have grown up with 3pt shot because it was introduced in 1979 only so he would have developed completely differently. If greats of the past (West, Russel, Wilt, Oscar etc.) were born in this era, their competitive drive and desire to improve would still make them amazing players (even if it would be harder to stand out when there's so much more talent to draw from nowadays).

    I can use a similar example from science and physics – someone like Isaac Newton was ultimately wrong about how gravity works and he technically knew way less about the world and the Universe than most even 5th graders nowadays (things like evolution, genes, bacteria/viruses, the contents and size of the Universe, quantum mechanics etc.), but many people consider him to be literally THE smartest person who has ever lived (even above Einstein), he figured stuff out no one before him thought of for centuries. Without his discoveries, someone like Einstein might have never figured out his own theories. So sure, in this sort of naive way you could say "oh, if you put Newton into time machine and send him to our time, he wouldn't know wtf is happening until he learned how computers work, how far medicine has advanced etc." so we are all smarter than him, but that's obviously extremely biased and unfair way to look at things, we all benefit from previous generations' advancements and knowledge, you can't seriously say "oh, everyone was uneducated back then, it was easier to stand out and look like a genius". It's a more extreme example since we're talking about gap of centuries rather than decades, but it still applies.

  2. I’m 18 years old. Wish I was alive to see all these great players play ??. Wish I could have seen the whole San Antonio Spurs legacy too. I got to see the wonderful ending in 2014 when I was 12 though. One of the best teams in NBA history. Beautiful basketball

  3. the thing I hate is people make it seems like curry is the inventor of shooting from long range
    Commentators be like thats curry range I think they should watch this video and they need to stop comparing eras cause mj sneakers should really be called Dr j

  4. Shooters can play in any era, and man was he a good one. Looking at his form and release, he has a jumper comparable to a guy like Allen or Klay. Such a smooth and fluid jumper

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