Watch Fitness Training Henry Cavill & Gal Gadot!!!

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This Fitness’ video is titled Training Henry Cavill & Gal Gadot!!! and credited to Pain&Gain. Viewing time is 2:59, enjoy our fellow Fitness fans!


  1. I don't understand his gym we do all kind of exercise like shoulder, triceps etc etc.but his workout what is this workout called??is it circuit training!!!can anyone plz explain?

  2. it was pretty obvious Cavill didn't train nearly as hard or disciplined for BvS and Justice League. His frame and muscle tone was nowhere close to how jacked he was in Man of Steel.

  3. ffs … every movie scene with arms showing or top off with male actors that make them do a solid work out for the scene to make them look alot bigger and ripped and after they deflate… my cousin is an actor and it's done all the time

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