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Check out every play from Baltimore Ravens rookie quarterback Lamar Jackson. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Indianapolis Colts during Week 2 of the …

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This NFL’s video is titled Every Lamar Jackson Throw & Run vs. Colts and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:04:20, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. He’s a rookie and it’s the preseason…y’all gotta calm down and give the kid a chance. Once he develops, he will be scary.

  2. All y'all in the comments saying he gon be a bust better not act like y'all got amnesia if he actually turns out to be good. I'm just sayin.

  3. Plain and simple, he’s better elsewhere, he showed he has the athletic ability of a wr, to me a qb needs to be accurate which Lamar is not.. reliability vs athletic ability, I’m takin reliability

  4. Ppl acting like he didn’t throw a 30 yrd TD Pass to Moore in the back but Moore dropped it. And then he threw a nice actual TD pass to Moore later on smh

  5. This man gone prove all you haters wrong after pocket footwork and timing develop. He’s playing with 2&3rd string receivers who may not even make the team while the OC limits the playbook. #keepgrindingLamar

  6. he us fast with a cannon! But he just has to get a little more comfortable with his reads and set his feet before throwing. Looks like he learned he will not be able to beat teams with athleticism.

  7. Colts pass rush was nice and LJ ain't have no time to really sit in the pocket to throw, poor play calling in my book, LJ has been practicing more since then so you cant go off of how this game went, he we will become better, needs to not take hits but Flacco would have taken so many sacks that game

  8. Everyone saying he doesn't have a line.. Maybe you should've drafted one. You know, instead of a quarterRunnerbackRecive

  9. Why can’t we not criticize this mans struggle with making far passes without being labeled a hater or racist

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