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Former NFL linebacker Ray Lewis delivers his speech as he is inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our …

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This NFL’s video is titled Ray Lewis FULL Hall of Fame Speech | 2018 Pro Football Hall of Fame | NFL and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:34:21, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!



  1. the 2 greatest motivational speakers of their NFL Generation were inducted in 2018: Ray Lewis and Brian Dawkins.

  2. Came here just to see when he talks about Michael Phelps turned out I watched the whole thing and man was that the greatest decision I've made in a while

  3. As a Pat's fan I used to hate when we played Baltimore cause of Ray and Ed Reed. I didn't " like " him back then just cause I wanted my team to win but I knew he was one of the best LB's to ever play the game and one of the hardest hitters and one of the smartest players ever. Up most respect for Ray Lewis cause he always keeps it ?

  4. I can only pray that one day I'll be able to inspire people like he does on the daily???

  5. Just glad I got to see Ray play live in that game. Being a Cowboys fan, and my father being a Ravens fan you know we wouldn’t miss that!

  6. Respect to the GOAT but whoever is the one making the faces for the HOFs over the years needs to be fired IMMEDIATELY!!??????????

  7. The concept of God, in it's many forms, is one of the most fascinating aspects of mankind. It could be peaceful, violent, careless & wise. Ray gets it.

  8. Low key should retire to be a pastor I know he can bring people to Christ and make a boring story interesting deep and funny

  9. That one year They played against Peyton and Denver,Peyton for a strange reason just walked off the field to let the time run out to go overtime instead of doing what Peyton does and make another play and it was like setup to give Baltimore that playoff game.
    ?I'm just saying.

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