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NFL Analyst, Brian Baldinger, previews the Week 1 game between the Atlanta Falcons and the Philadelphia Eagles. Subscribe to NFL: …

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This NFL’s video is titled Atlanta Falcons vs. Philadelphia Eagles | Week 1 Game Preview | NFL Film Review and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:53, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Falcons can do it, I'm hoping they will, I liked the Eagles "ok" & even pretty good increasing when I saw their catering to God so much on there team, even a coed Bible study on Mondays open to bring the wives (or G/Fs) but when they dissed our president we elected, they lost me, I think they may have cursed themselves, Texans incurred this it seems, after winning & getting good, started to like them as team got interesting, then they kneeled, ALL star QB gets hurt a couple days later & losing streak happens, 49er's, Browns, Miami the biggest kneelers became some the biggest losers, see in my theory holds true, though Eagles didn't kneel, the % of those who went against Trump "Falling" is suspiciously High, every media personality & opposing candidates, Ted Cruz was moving up until he started to diss Trump, then he fell like a rock, Eagles I hope lose & any other team that goes "anti" on US BYE BYE NIKE BTW (NFL better straighten up & Fly right) Dump Nike or bye bye these high high salaries, revenue will drop like.., well, A Rock ! 😉 lol

  2. Yall know the Eagles won because Keanu Neal botched a INT at midfield and it went to the eagles WR. They act like they were so dominant when really this game came down to 1 play.

  3. Not a Falcons fan but I dnt understand why everybody say Matt Ryan is overrated. If anything hes underrated. No one is saying Matt Ryan is the GOAT but you cant hate on the mans accomplishments.

  4. Yo. I got to say something about the music guests that's performing at the Eagles game tonight. Man Caucasian people…i mean DAMN!!! Its sooooo corny. And the lame cant even sing. I mean straight garbage!!! And to top it off, the lame singing about suicide. F'n killing himself. What's up with yall pale people????? Yall love killing yourselves. And yall got all the advantages.

  5. We are about to see even year matt ryan. Every four years he plays on an all pro level. So this year he will be pro bowl level (he makes the pro bowl every even year).

  6. Is it me or was this game preview only stating about how the Eagles have great defense
    that ‘ll be hard for the Falcons to keep up with? I didn’t hear anything positive about the Falcons. I understand that the video was pretty much saying the Eagles are gonna win, but I didn’t hear a prediction of the score.

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