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NFL Playbook previews the Week 6 matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Tennessee Titans. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our …

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  1. Shaun o Hara that was disgraceful view on Mariota hes being let down by bad receiver play they are dropping passes left and right because walker a pro bowl tight end out for the year and then crybaby Mathews quit because hes a big baby next time actually research and watch more tape

  2. Why are alot of people so quick to jump on the QB? Listen I get it's a QB driven league, it's the most important position in sports, but one man can only do so much. Mariota has been really good, even with the not being able to feel half his hand thing. Watch the damn games! Actually watch the Titans games and then lets see if you come away in anyway not only not blaming Mariota but actually come away impressed. Every receiver not name Corey Davis seems to have forgotten that "Receiving" is in the title of their position! Maybe it's time Byard and Adoree take the field on offense, they seem to be much more sure-handed than the Titans other WR's (again other than Davis) From an outsider you may see some flashy stats and think Mariota hasn't been good, but that's just not the case. Only one of his INT has been his fault, and then he's had at least 3 perfect TD throws just dropped. He's the ONLY reason they're winning right now. He brought them back and led them to a huge win off the bench in Jacksonville after being injured. He then led another insane comeback against the Champs where he was responsible for 3 TD's including another game winner in OT on a drive where it was, score a TD or lose (A ties as bad as a loss). He then scrambled and made a perfect deep TD pass that was one of the worst drops you could ever see. How clutch is Mariota? Even with a down season (in most of the flashier stats) he led the league in comeback victories and 4th quarter comebacks and he's doing it again this year. He is still yet to throw a Interception in the Red Zone IN HIS CAREER. Maybe this week the coaches will finally catch on to the fact that Derrick Henry should be getting more touches than "Fumble" Lewis. Am I crazy or was he not supposed to be signed as a "Change of Pace" Back? He cant be a change of pace if he's pretty much the only Pace. In the 4th quarter let Henry do the running and stand back and let Mariota do his thing and the results are usually gonna be good. Both are Money in the 4th quarter. What Mariota has done for his team so far has been heroic, and all that with a badly hampered hand and anyone whos seen the Titans games the last few seasons knows how much he hates having a glove on his throwing hand as could be seen in their win in KC a few years ago when the temp was about 0 degrees and he still didnt wear a glove. There are very few QB's in the league who could lead a team that's had as bad of luck and played as badly as this one to as many wins as he has (and Buffalo should have been another win), and they should be undefeated in games in which Mariota finishes the game.

  3. It's a whole nother offense in Tenn, It's not Mariota it's our receivers dropping the balls they're not ready. They get excited that the ball is even coming their way. One thing is I think they've seen that Vrabel will fire your ass quick and will be on their game sunday

  4. I knew my Titans were gonna lose its toughness by letting Marluarky go! Vrabel is probably a good guy but the Titans have zero identity on offense. Can anyone tell me what type of offense are the Titans suppose to be? I just dont understand what we are doing on offense. And by the way, Malcolm Butler sucks!

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