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The New York Giants take on the Atlanta Falcons during Week 7 of the 2018 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other channels: …

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This NFL’s video is titled Giants vs. Falcons Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 11:43, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. The 22 yards rushing from the announcer blows my mind, the Giants obviously have an issue with the pass rush from a collapsing pocket from the defensive ends, the Giants also used their pick on barkley yet they dont use his power to punish the pass rush. Delayed hand off up the middle, sweeps with odell, any calls to alleviate the constant pass rush aren't there from the coordinator. They rely so heavily on the pass game that has been shut down so easily every single game, but then they go into the next week and repeat the same thing hoping things will change. I just don't understand

  2. ffs I KNOW U HAVE TO RESPECT ELI BUT COMMON we need a new and better qb for the love of god legit he has been the leader in only of area since his downfall interceptions….

  3. I am as big a Falcons' fan as you will ever meet and I have been spoiled with Julio, but watching some of OBJ's catches blows my socks off. The dude has a rare talent and its so much fun to watch.

  4. eli manning: please retire. it is past time. you are slow, old, and your arm is completely shot. you won a couple of rings. let it go already. the Giants will not be worth watching again until this man is no longer behind center, simple as that.

  5. either playcalling is bad or Ryan is way overrated because with those receivers there is no way they should have 4 losses..hell just give me Julio and i could find a way to win.

  6. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life – John 14:6 With God all things are possible – Matthew 19:26 Remember that Jesus loves you and Jesus saves???? God is good all the time and all the time God is good!? Amen? Have a blessed day?

  7. Shurmur manages game like crap
    Eli misses one pass to obj
    Eli gets team within striking distance with a minute to go
    Eli gets blamed for it
    Typical giants gime

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