Watch NFL Drew Brees Drops 2 Dimes to Extend Lead!

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Drew Brees drops in two perfect passes to pad New Orleans’ lead against Atlanta. The Atlanta Falcons take on the New Orleans Saints during Week 12 of the …

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This NFL’s video is titled Drew Brees Drops 2 Dimes to Extend Lead! and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:52, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. According to statistics we have to win the remaining 5 games to have at least an 80% of making the playoffs. I have to give credit where its due though. Matt Ryan is a beast! But Drew Brees is on a whole new level. Certified legend and one of the best to ever do it! #Respect.

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  3. Shannon Sharp – SKEEEEUP….Drew Bree's ain't got nothin on Patrick Mahomeboy.
    Skip Bayless – Alright, well, here is the thing. Drew Bree's is running away with the MVP.
    Sharon – SKEEEUP!!!!

  4. i like how the announcers are like "He only has 1 INT this year" and then the next play was an INT, it wasnt supposed to be… but thats how the NFL works, he should still have 1 INT

  5. Brees is a good qb throughout all fourth quarters. Now if you're in the middle of the fourth quarter and the defense is too tired to get pressure on the QB, that when Brady can do all of his damage

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