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The Atlanta Falcons take on the Washington Redskins during Week 9 of the 2018 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other …

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This NFL’s video is titled Falcons vs. Redskins Week 9 Highlights | NFL 2018 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:09:36, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Do you know, by the length of the highlights I can tell if it's a close game or not. Any nfl video over 11mins means usually means it a close game. I'm a UK viewer who relies only on NFL YouTube highlights. It would be nice if there was a little push towards the viewer who doesn't want to know the result before hand, or easily guess.

  2. How come when teams lose people blame the coach all the time the coach is not playing the players are people saying fire jay gruden but Redskins are 5-3 and still In the playoff picture what y'all expect them to go undefeated ungrateful bastards just be Happy your team has a good record for once smh

  3. 5:00 look at how that line of scrimmage got moved back. And this is against a D-line that's hard to move. If Atlanta turns this season around somehow, it's starts upfront with domination like this.

  4. Falcons beat the redskins so bad they got their fan base contemplating on if they actually had a decent team or not lmao!

  5. We lost but redskins for life and it was a blast actually going to this game Sunday my first NFL game!! I loved it!!

  6. Not a NFL fan here,I see its completely different from football in FIFA,but can someone explain to me how is NFL football different from Rugby??

  7. 21 of the Falcons points came on plays with penalties that directly gave the TD. The first TD, a clear hold on Foster, the rush TD a hold on Brown where he looked like he was under arrest, the Ridley TD, his receiver didn’t even do a pick play, he flat out blocked the defender immediately for an OPI. Refs couldn’t get those but they can call a 15 yard penalty on the quietest Redskins player when he casually spun a football ?

  8. There was more falcons fan than redskins fans in the stadium??I thought it was at the Mercedes Benz stadium for a second

  9. After watching these high lights in slow motion. I’m not even that upset about the lost. The Refs missed so many flags on the Falcons. The Falcons held or ran a pick route in every key 3rd Down or touchdown play of this game. The officiating was straight pathetic in this game. They called everything on the Redskins and some of the calls were legit but damn to just let the Falcons get away with BS is just pathetic.

  10. As a REDSKINS fan.. bucs could do this to us ..if you can score points on offense against us( 30 point range ) you win. but if not we win …ball control team we have in DC…HTTR ..congrats to the Falcons good win

  11. The only reason skins lost this game is cause Jay Gruden want to go shoot out with Matt Ryan . All he had to do was pound the rock from the first position of the game. Come on jay you had them 2&6 in your first drive and decided to throw on 2nd down. I knew the game was over right there. You have to win time of position with these passing QBs. Pound the rock three times in a row. Specially against a defense ranked in bottom 20 of the league.

  12. Damn I hope mat Ryan and the falcons can get a Super Bowl soon if anybody deserves one its the falcons RISE UP from a broncos fan

  13. 4:02 how do you guard that play call. have devonta in the back instead of austin have devonta and coleman go outside then have julio,sanu,ridely run a route they cant gaurd everyone to talented.

  14. I don't see how any team can feel good about it really neither redskins nor the falcons are super bowl contenders. Falcons choke in the super bowl the saints will win the south and play in the nfc championship game. Redskins falcons will be home watching it with me.

  15. Washington DC must have a lot of falcons fans they were so loud when Julio Jones made that touchdown in every time Austin hooper caught the ball all u could hear them say hoooooop

  16. This was a amazing game for the dirty birds I wanted the redskins to win but they lost this year it’s going to be amazing for the skins

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