Intermittent Fasting Helped to Shred 50lbs off Ben Sweeney

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Ben Sweeney Weight Loss Success Crossfit Coach
Ben Sweeney Weight Loss Success Crossfit Coach (image source: instagram)

We love Weight Loss Success stories here at Sporati! Ben Sweeney has lost 50lbs and got ripped in the process with a combination of exercises and healthy diet.

The former college athlete let himself go and pack in the pounds, feeling sick and can no longer run a 7-minute mile. While not being able to run a seven minute mile might not be a huge fitness issue for most people, shredding 50lbs is still impressive.

He was able to shred all these pounds with a combination of exercise, keto diet and most importantly intermittent fasting which is what he stuck with the most giving him success.

He is now a certified L3 Crossfit coach helping other people achieve weight loss success.

The complete success story has been posted via an interview here — Ben Sweeney Weight Loss Success

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