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Sporati @ Warriors’ Paige Vanzant Social Media update

Sunday church ?

Paige’s Instagram post information

Vanzant’s social media post titled Sunday church … is credited to Paige Vanderford (PVZ) on instagram account paigevanzant and currently has 20266 likes as of posting.

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  1. I respect this post so much. Usually lot of athletes post about being in a club and doing crazy shit and of other things, but you guys post about going to church. You guys are so humble and so awesome!

  2. Really a real Christian couple.Going to a worldly church probably , with worldly mind .. Paig doing half porn and her man having lucifers eye on his neck , and no one say´s nothing .. I know those churches .. just a pile of shit , just like Lucifer like it.What page those with her porn is just garbage , with leads to emptiness for everybody , it dosent serve no body , just makes things bad.That’s real christianity , having insight how things really are.A real Christian should be diffrent from this world with issen´t good , okey paig .. you are just like you never believed in God exactly the same.Thats how good your church are Paig

  3. mickort08 Scroll on pal, nobody cares what you think. Leave them to be what they want to be, be happy that neither are coming for you! Love you work guys, keep it up!!!

  4. Good luck on your recovery, I saw on your YouTube video that you are starting to workout more, keep it up. You and you husband are both badass, let him know I said good luck on his next fight! Keep up the great work, both of you!

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