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NFL Analyst, Brian Baldinger, analyzes Denver Broncos rookie quarterback Drew Lock’s preseason debut in the 2019 Hall of Fame Game vs. the Atlanta …

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This NFL’s video is titled Analyzing Drew Lock's NFL Preseason Debut | Baldy Breakdowns and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:23, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. I don’t see why all of you are saying Flacco will be a great mentor for this kid when he didn’t want to mentor Lamar Jackson! Now unless Flacco is racist then I don’t see him helping this kid that much either ! ?

  2. Jesus, 2 Quarters in his first pre-season game and he’s already a bust? LOL. You “analysts” really got me here.

  3. Kurt Benkert played much better. I don't get the favoritism being shown to this other guy Lock, who clearly under-performed in comparison to Benkert.

  4. I bet you if they analyze Daniel Jones first game and he does exactly like Drew Lock did, they will not say things like "it'll get better with time" they'll just straight call him a bust and take fires at him.

  5. Emphasis on needed to use check down receiver aka 4th choice so 3 wrs or a coach needs to be disciplined. Even the "Highlights" from that game hurt to watch. I had better Middle school football games that would have been better TV. If the NFL was smart they would kick off both the pre-season (HOF game) and regular season with a Superbowl rematch every year. Show the rest of the league who the champions have as backups and who still are the champions.

  6. I didn't like Drew at all. Lamar Jackson threw the ball better last year and he's a running back… Drew held the ball too long and that arm looked shaky. No confidence and that's why they had a 3rd string win the game

  7. Don't forget: this is the time he is allowed and really is SUPPOSED to make mistakes. These are meaningless pre-season games, If he makes a ton of mistakes during these games; good! Then he can learn from them and then he won't make those mistake when the season starts and the games have actual meanings.

  8. These analysts so quick to judge yet probably never played a down in their lives. Get a real job yo!

  9. I still think he's got a lot of potential, thought that since I saw him playing as a Freshman at Mizzou. Lots of arm talent, decently mobile, good size. Raw though. To be fair, he did have a rotating OC issue going on at Mizzou. Given consistency, he ought to be a serviceable starter for whichever team he ends up on, whether that be Denver for the long term or another team in a few years.

    Of course, he has the potential to be above league average if he can apply himself properly. If he doesn't, he's Blaine Gabbert version 2.0.

  10. Wondering how much of a shot Brett Rypien has. 4 YPA is not impressive but throwing a winning TD never hurts.

  11. Hey, billions on billions NFL. Please get your analyst a high-quality mic with a baffle. This bit sounds like a bare-bones basement podcast. Second, will you tell Baldy to take the Ricola out of his mouth before he records his next piece? Listening to that guy smacking and swallowing between every sentence was painful.

  12. Keep him benched the first year learn from Flacco then play him the following. Year we saw it with Kansas and look at mahomes

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