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The Washington Redskins take on the Atlanta Falcons during Week 3 of the 2019 NFL preseason. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other …

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This NFL’s video is titled Redskins vs. Falcons Preseason Week 3 Highlights | NFL 2019 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:07:27, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Redskins defense, special teams, and O-line is looking good!

    Haskins does a better job of keeping the ball from getting picked than Keenum does. Keenum does a better job of implementing the running game than Haskins does. It's a tough call on which QB should start, but I think Keenum is the right decision for now.

  2. I know preseason don't count but towards end of preseason you should get idea how deep a team is and right now Falcons don't look all that good

  3. I noticed the Redskins Offensive Line has been straight garbage for the last 5 years. Still doesnt look like they've came up with a solution to fix that issue yet looking at their preseason for this year.

  4. Case is our QB for better or worse. The Redskins nation needs to give him 110% of our support. They feed off our support. We need to show up for these guys! HTTR!

  5. Yeah, I know it's repetitive, but WTF with these kickers?!! God almighty, someone call Bryant back. This is getting sort of clown like, and I LOVE THE FALCONS. So, I'm not disrespecting them, but I AM saying that the kickers are SH**. 🙁

  6. When your having problems catching punts now idk if their was wind but still. If your in the NFL you gotta at least do the most important thing good. If nothing else u have to catch the ball or let it bounce.

  7. Lol at all the people commenting on the Falcons returners. It’s preseason, neither one of those guys are starters and neither of them are likely to make the 53 man roster. The falcons have Barner as their returner and hardy as his backup. Relax lol
    The defense is going to be fine. We played our 2nd and third string guys and they allowed one td in a short field and had some really good goal line stops.
    Lastly, we payed our 4th string qb who we just picked up and doesn’t know the playbook. These games are about evaluating players.

  8. The moment I hear a woman explaining front line defensive strategies, I shut it off. WTF does a woman know about front line defensive strategies or football for that matter.

  9. 0-3 in preseason. Every time the Falcons go winless in preseason they suck during the season. I hate the idiocy of mediocre teams saying preseason is only about reps and evaluations. It's about establishing a winning mentality. The Falcons dont have the luxury of thinking that they are gonna just turn it on Week 1. I was optimistic about the season, but after preseason and that same mediocre mindset. I see 7-9 season. The Falcons can't even lose right. They should have had the number 8 pick last year but these knuckleheads decided to compete after the season was over by winning the last few games. They think they are the Patriots or Saints that can turn it on because they are both consistently good and have actually won a SB or two. Here's to another year of ultra-talented but mediocre minded Georgia sports teams




  11. Whenever Dwayne Haskins makes his debut; please Redskins organization , get : Cam Sims back in the lineup off that practice sqaud?? At 6'5 214lb long reach for the football. He creates great separation with his size. His Combine was 4.53 but he looks way faster too me, now on game film. He's a rare special talent that must not go unoticed. Fuc those game 4 drops. Both Qb's also missed Cam Sims for big plays including a touchdown. So im not dis crediting Skin's decision to cut him then sign him on the practice squad. The other receiver's on this sqaud had drops as well only thing saved them was a TD. Cams Sims could have scored multiple time's he was overlooked once & a pass was overthrown too him which could have resulted in a touchdown. So i feel Cam Sims pain getting cut grinding so hard to dominate the position, to have an opportunity to start this season along side Trey Quinn. That was what I'd hope for, but now that's not gonna happen. Cam Sims can play the slot position extremely well for his size again. It's rare too see a guy his size even guy's 6'2 and up, playing slot routes. I love what i see out of Cam Sims abilities; Redskins seriously needs too capitalize on molding and crafting his skill set and tap into his game mental's. If they can succeed that with him.He will turn out to be a hall of famer! He has that burst, juke moves , jump ball cacth excitement you love too see from your receiver! Cam Sims is the truth in my books?! Consider devevolping him he could take the pressure off of Terry Mclaurin, Steven Sims Jr, Trey Quinn & Kelvin Harmon! His size will show that come game day but he will also seek too dominate if given an opportunity to get back on the field! Cam Sims i hope you rock that burgandy & gold too legacy! I wish u the best family!!!

  12. I seriously vote for Cam Sims too start in the Redskins lineup. This kid will be special! Develop him properly & you will see! Unfortunately he did get cut and signed too the practice squad. I strongly feel he should be a starter fuc those game 4 drops. He still has 134 receiving yards from last year's preseason stats which is better than any of the individual receiver stat total's in the 2019 pre season games. Those numbers might not speak much but Cam Sims looked quite impressive last pre season before he got hurt opening season kick-off. When he got healthy skin's ruined his chances of starting by starting bum ass Byron Marshall last season off of ir. He trained extremely hard to compete at the next level only too have his dream of starting shattered by conservative drops in pre season 4. It sucks. Hopefully he can somehow get inserted in the regular season line up & prove his worth!

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