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Move the Sticks previews the week 1 matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and the Miami Dolphins. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our …

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  1. Fins 23
    Ravens 20

    Sanders kicks 53 yrd fg to win..after fitzy goes out in the 4th with concussion…rosen comes in leads miami to game winning fg

  2. Tank for Tua, ‘Phin Phans. Lamar gon’ throw the damn ball or jus’ run and end up like RGIII — who now on the same damn team — yo!? SMH

  3. We have no pressure in this game as dolphins while they have all the pressure..there expected to win easy ,it would be so sweet to shock the world week one and pull this off’s all in the hands of our oline and how much time they give Fitzpatrick

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  5. Excellent matchup for the ravens. Miami will not be able to stop the run and their offense won’t keep up with them. 35-7 Ravens

  6. With tunsil and stills gone, plus the obvious tank for tua mode activated, this is a gift wrapped W for Baltimore.

  7. Are the Miami Dolphins ready to wear their white helmets, white uniforms and white pants when they host the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday?

  8. I think ravens get the win but the dolphins r not as bad as there made out to be if they had a half decent receiving threat they would atleast be a 6 win team if they were smart they would not put Rosen out there at all this year or they could either way they r looking at a top 5 draft pick so

  9. I have a feeling it supposed ravens fans talking Miami upsets and saying Lamar can't throw. That's just how half of the ravens fans r

  10. Dolphins get the dub, lamar gets eaten by this secondary and when he try's to run gets eaten by our fast linebackers. It's a defensive game but the dolphins have the better defense and score enough on offense to get it down.

  11. We'll be lucky to win 2 games this year… and not much better over the next 2-3 seasons…tanking to win! Go fins!

  12. This team is the f…ing worst team in history. Their owner is a new Yorker who seems to get off on watching his high school talentless team lose. I look forward to this team losing every game and I look forward to Miami giving up over 800 points because the Pats will score over 160 in 2 games against a clueless bunch of guys.
    Once again , no white players on defense. Hmmmm, your telling me white guys that graduate from a college football program are worse than these dudes.
    Wow, I watched a 1972 Dolphin team go 17 and 0 playing both playoff games on the road and with a nearly all white defense. I guess white boys just can play worse defense than these lame jive a.s dolphins.
    Good luck in trying to score a 100 points for the f…ing year…. Well that's the only good thing about having a useless defense your offense Will get plenty of chances to score. You're threw as a NFL Franchise Miami. As usual it takes a new Yorker to come to Miami and f..k up the franchise that was the most winning team among every big league franchise anywhere at one time.
    Maybe, this team may lose so bad they will have their franchise taken away from Miami. As a former fan I hope so.

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