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Earl Thomas’ interception sets up the Lamar Jackson touchdown pass! The Baltimore Ravens take on the Miami Dolphins during Week 1 of the 2019 NFL …

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  1. Yeah, buddy. Seems like Baltimore added Oklahoma to the list with Miami and Alabama as schools to find ballers that fit the organization.

  2. I am a Florida State Seminoles and Miami dolphins fan and I gotta say it is going to be a very long year with the football I have seen between FSU yesterday and the way the dolphins have played today. This game feels like FSU vs Louisville 2016 all over again. It’s gonna be a long year for me.

  3. Before this play I literally said either Marlon Humphrey or Earl Thomas was about to get a pick no joke lol

  4. We didn't have to lose Thomas the way we did. I know the NFL is a business, but there is a point of mutual respect and love that should be had for a player like Earl. We could've kept Thomas and still had enough money to pay Wagner and Wilson… and maybe even still get Clowney. McDougald is solid, but if we could've had him and Thomas to provide that veteran leadership in the backfield with a 2nd and 3rd year player in Griffin and Flowers we could be in the SB this season. I still expect us to go far and always have hopes for a SB with Wilson at QB though. Just would've been higher hopes.

  5. So sad to see my team split up on different teams doing amazing things. I pick our hawks defense over russel wilson any day. But thats me. Wish nothin but the best for em.

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