Watch NFL Mahomes Air Mails It to Mecole Hardman for an 83-Yd TD!

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Patrick Mahomes finds a wide open Mecole Hardman for the 83-yard touchdown pass. The Baltimore Ravens take on the Kansas City Chiefs during Week 3 of …

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This NFL’s video is titled Mahomes Air Mails It to Mecole Hardman for an 83-Yd TD! and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:53, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Hold your horses ladies…Ravens D is overrated and we’re missing all their CBs including Jimmy Smith. Pats will be a nightmare for the Chiefs even with Hill. And Mahomes is taking a lot of hits this year. I think it’s a matter of time before he gets Rodgered on a roll out and breaks a collarbone

  2. As a Steelers fan I'm not even mad y'all are this good I'm actually happy and think your fanbase deserves success, Arrowhead has always had a great fanbase even when you were bad. Mahomes is the best player in the NFL and it's not even close. He's so good that you're just in awe instead of getting mad lol. He's the next greatest one after Brady so as long as he remains healthy, we're looking at a generational talent. It's rough for us Steelers fans and at this point Im not even thinking about the conference finals. I just want to see that Mason Rudolph shows a lot of growth as a QB. So… WHEN you make it to the AFC championship… Do us all a favor and put a beat down on the Patriots.


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