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Derrick Henry finishes a phenomenal year as the leading rusher in the NFL with 1540 yards and 16 touchdowns in the regular season. Henry’s monstrous post …

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  1. Highly suggest rewatching this but focus on the left guard on every play. Saffold is so absurdly dominant; should have been a pro bowler easily. They regularly have lineman blocking two levels every play. And Corey Davis may be the best blocking WR in the league. This is a running machine so good it made Tannehill a hundred million dollars.

  2. This man is/was their ENTIRE offense. No man should be able to move so quickly for that size. The man is an absolute BEAST! Former Heisman winner—Damn shame some ppl are acting like they forgot this mans pedigree smh

  3. All the highlights could come the 2nd half. Didnt he have 1200 something yards a game after week 8 or 9?

  4. Its crazy how as you get into the video, that you can actually see that each game he gets better and better, im not a titans fan but dam this is bully?

  5. It's actually shocking he goes down as easy as he does on some plays, this guy has such an insane physical advantage and I would definitely argue that he's an underachiever, we only see his true potential in flashes

  6. Ok. So Henry doesn't have a lot of moves or lateral agility. But he does have adequate burst for someone his size and the straight-line speed to truck ppl over.

  7. But I do think he's overly-dependent on quality blocking to create holes bc he's not really a creative runner who can make something from nothing. And therein is his primary weakness: the loss of Jack Conklin can really hurt his stats this yr. But we shall see.

  8. You can spew CMCs stats all you want.. Henry is the most dominant RB in the game. idgaf about CMCs 2000 yard season.. give me Henry everyday and the day after he is a game changer who literally carried his team to the AFC chip.. what did CMC do .. ? he just piled up stats.. stats are for losers.

  9. Watching everyone the problem his the wait tackle him, try to smack him but not wrap up, or some try to tackle high , you got full on smack him nd wrap him up , at his gut nd knees area like your trying to go through his soul can't be afraid to get hit by him that's what people mess up on

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