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Lamar Jackson had himself a year with 3127 passing yards, 1206 rushing yards and 36 touchdowns. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other …

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  1. Within 3 years this man will suffer a career altering injury. You can’t play qb like this in today’s nfl. I feel like he’s gonna be another Donovan McNab type guy

  2. If Lamar Jackson and Patrick Mahomes throw the ball like that in the NFL. Then i already know Joe Burrow is going to go nuts his Rookie year. Most NFL ready quarterback since Andrew Luck

  3. Lamar and Mahomes are such fun players to watch! These 2 will be Battling it out for a long time!

  4. Everyone knows you just can't run an option offense in the NFL. This was the BS we have been feed by terrible coaches throughout history. Until LJ. Maybe teams will have a better idea of how to defend Jackson next yr after having film on him to study now. Because last yr he had em all crossed up. He's got a nice strong throwing arm. And as you know when you try to tackle him, the kid is as slippery as Fish-Grease. Stay Healthy..

  5. Im upset cause i know J.K Dobbins is going to make the great offense even better. J.k is a home runner type of RB he can take it the distance & with mark ingram in the back field as well is a great combination of backs. Brown, dobbins & jackson are now all threats to make big plays on that offense

  6. He's Vick 2.0 with a more accurate arm. Give him a few more seasons. Hopefully we get a full season this year. And ps. I'm an Eagles fan. Just really enjoy watching once in a lifetime athletes like him. Dude is a video game.

  7. THEPOST/I think the Baltimore Ravens are an amazing team around the defensive side of the ball but we need some firepower on the offense around Mark Ingram Mark Andrews Willie Snead and Jackson I don't think that's enough we need some name receivers like John Brown who is with the Tennessee Titans that we had back in 2018 or someone like Julian Edelman who can always be trusted with the ball or maybe even Sammy Watkins.

  8. I like how there are people who will call this man a running back and in the same breath say trubisky is an NFL quarterback. Also the same people who would claim Tebow who's arm was as accurate as throwing a football into a tornado was a good QB even though he was wayyyy better at running than passing the ball

  9. Steeler fan. This is THE most electric player on any field. Gonna break every QB rushing record for sure, I hope he has a long, healthy career. How didn’t more experts see this when he was in Louisville? Should’ve been 1 in the draft and there’s no question.

  10. Get Lamar a top Tier WR and not a bunch of you guys who have to develop. Give him a proven #1 WR like the other young guys in the league.

    Mahomes- T Hill, S Wakins, Travis Kelce
    Mayfield- J Landry, OBJ
    Watson- B Cook, W Fuller
    J Allen- S Diggs, J Brown
    K Murray- D Hopkins L Fitzgerald

    They surrounding all the you guys with proven WRs but not Lamar. He have to wait on guys to develop and get criticized about his passing during the process smh.

  11. I am a Saints fan, but I love watching Lamar play. He is a consummate professional and gentleman. What a talent.

  12. As a guy from Kentucky who watched Lamar play every year he was at UofL I love the guy, as a Browns fan I hate him lol.

  13. Oh what a joy watching Lamar Jackson take a big steaming athletic dump on Belichick and the Patriots..and watching that 6-1 defense having to take a bite of that crap sandwich from start to finish…Thanks LJ!

  14. It's like watching backyard football ?…. He gonna get in trouble tho with those throw em up for grab throws and across body throws at some point…

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