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This NFL’s video is titled Atlanta Falcons vs. Minnesota Vikings 1998 NFC Championship Full Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:32:02, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. This was payback for the City of Atlanta after losing the 1991 World series to the Minnesota twins in a memorable 7 game series that the home team won every game the drama was more intense than a Hollywood thriller

  2. Head coach Dan Reeves was sidelined for two games with a heart condition that season and came back. He won a Super Bowl as a Cowboy fullback and a second Super Bowl as an assistant coach under Tom Landry, however as a HC, Reeves lost three Super Bowls coaching the Broncos and one Super Bowl coaching the Dirty Birds against the Broncos.

  3. I'm not a Vikings fan, but I was devastated when they lost. I wanted a Vikings-Broncos Super Bowl badly! Those where two of the best teams I had ever seen and that would of been the best Super Bowl matchup ever! I have no idea who would of won. When the Vikings lost that day, the NFL did too. Oh what could of been.

  4. 98 was the Vikings chance even though they had a chance to go back in 2000. Felt bad for Cunningham, Moss, Carter, Smith, Anderson, Stringer, Green, Tice, Hitchock, Rudd and Randle to name a handful of guys who lost chance at a ring. I would have add Vikings OC Brian Billick but he got his as a HC in 2000 as Ravens HC and probably had one as a 49ers PR guy (noted to me when he wrote Bill Walsh's book lol).

  5. Even if the Vikings won this game like they should have, they weren’t going to beat Elway’s Broncos. Vikings defense wasn’t good and Denver had too much talent

  6. This was such a sweet win for the Falcons and their fans. Nobody thought they had a chance. I remember the network showing champagne on ice in the Vikings owners box.

  7. Every few years I rewatch this game or the NFL Films Greatest Games version; (Disney+ has all 40 of those); as well as 09 Saints Vikings NFCC. The Vikings HAD been on the wrong side of epic postseason games…But Ironically crushed TWO Saints Superbowl runs in thrilling manner in 2017; 2019. So the pain is more then mutual, lol. For the rest of us; its maximum entertaining.

  8. Up 20-7 with about a minute left in the half, ball on the 20 yard line, and Minnesota is dropping back to pass like it's the 4th quarter and they're losing 20-14.

  9. Hi. I’m was the janitor working the Vikings locker room that day. I was the one who had to clean up all the snot on floor from that crying idiot Chris carter: that was gross! I quit my job the next day bc I could not get the image of his face out of my mind. Thanks Chris.

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