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This NFL’s video is titled Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons Week 8, 2016 FULL Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 02:10:46, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. The Atlanta falcons have already put together their 2020 offense through free agency will be better than the 2016 team, score more points and set more NFL records. The defense will be younger and faster and will be better getting more sacks and finishing in the top 5 in sacking the quarterback in 2020. Yes sir the best is yet to come in 2020 for the Atlanta Falcons. Stay Tuned….

  2. 2nd down, you got a stop for 1 yard lost to make it 3 down and 11…Why are you taking a 5 yard penalty to make it 2nd down and 15…Make them go for 3rd down and 11, you stupid coach, smh…

  3. Story of Aaron Rodgers career: score 30+ points and lose
    Story of Tom Bradys career: score at least 24 points and win

  4. 2016 Falcons, hell of a season. Irony: The 2 Falcons Saints games were out of reach for the Saints, so not the thrillers all of us keen analysts of great offense anticipated. Further Irony: The 2016 Saints and Chargers had epic offenses and thrilling games, but both started 1-3; they were hopeless… with Raiders and Chiefs BOTH 12-4 in AFC West, and Saints stuck in an NFC South that was lights out on offense with Falcons, AND stuck playing the entire AFC West. BUT; they were incredibly entertaining as they played the real playoff contenders.

  5. Unbelievable that the Packers could get three points getting a kickoff (which they downed) with only 27 seconds left before halftime. In the old days (70s/80s), teams would just run out the clock!

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