Watch NFL Russell Wilson Battles the NFL's Top Defense: Seahawks vs. 49ers Week 10, 2019 FULL Game

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This NFL’s video is titled Russell Wilson Battles the NFL's Top Defense: Seahawks vs. 49ers Week 10, 2019 FULL Game and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 03:01:30, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 1:39:25 you meant to say 3 inch touchdown. Carson was down at the 3" line on the previous play. WTF were the officials doing in placing the ball at the 1 yard line?

  2. bro emmanuel sanders was a freaking weapon for the 49ers…low key a good inside receiver with decent hands and unexpected speed ? #quickfeet

  3. Richard Sherman got his ass knocked down by Tyler Lockett. Little Lockett should be part of the Legion of BOOM!.

  4. I've mostly given up on all pro sports since they let politics invade the game but I will watch these two teams play in the 2020 fake season .

  5. How is russell wilson still underrated? Dude throws a pick to basically end the game and stays positive, THEN MARCHES DOWN THE FIELD AND WINS. He always finds a way.

  6. At 2:03:37 Man, neither Bourne nor Flowers wanted that ball! Both were gifts which could’ve swung the game differently; Bourne cost the 49ers a probable TD to go up by four (1st and Goal from inside the 10), and Flowers cost the Seahawks possession while maintaining a 21-18 lead, both scenarios with 6:00 remaining!

  7. Clowney, who gave the 49ers h3ll, is no longer a Seahawk. I think Pete Carroll is going to regret letting him walk away to the Titans.

  8. Who drafted Tartt,Buckner, Armstead, and Ward. That's right kiddies it was Trent Baeke, but of course the turn around was all due to the overrated Harbough. Wilson was pushed back 5yds after initial contact on the double fumble. Forward progress. I've seen additional film review which shows that Wilson's face mask was being yanked on the play.m

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