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This NFL’s video is titled Chicago Bears vs. Atlanta Falcons | Week 3 NFL Game Preview and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:03:26, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. CHI 31-28. Bears defense vs falcons offense. It'll be close, but the bears have an offense while the falcons have little to no defense. More stops from the bears, more points from the bears.

  2. If you have time look up all the good quarterbacks stats and compare them to Trubisky you will be very surprised how close there first 3 year stats are. Stats aren't bias they tell the truth of how someone is really performing. Everyone wants to hate on Mitchell. Its took Tony Romo, Matt Ryan, Russell Wilson, Dak Prescott, phillip Rivers, Brett Farve, and Aaron Rodgers until year 4 to put up huge numbers and throw for over 4,000 yards. Tom Brady, Big Ben, and Brees didn't do it until there 6th year. Steve Young year 10. Stats do not lie and are not Bias they show the truth Mitchell Trubisky is far from a bad quarterback he has shown he can keep up with those guys numbers to start his career lets judge him on how his career ends not starts. Brees and Big Ben threw more interceptions then touchdowns in there 3rd years they should have been let go then. O yea the chargers did let go of Brees I bet they regret that one.

  3. Falcons scored 39 points because the Cowboys gave up 3 fumbles and kept trying for stupid fake punts (which led to great field position). The turnovers aren't something Atlanta can replicate and Nagy is a better coach than McCarthy or Quinn. Bears 20-17

  4. This is a must win for the bears sense there's no respect giving year inn and year out it's the same old thing just tired of hearing it

  5. This honestly feels like a trap game. But I sense a shootout between Matty Ice & Tru. 33-27 Bears ??Hope they go for 40 for Gale ?

  6. A great predicament to gain in the Win column. Keep the bears D-Line on the ground for the run game and try not to settle for the FG on game day

  7. Ok, sure Trubisky is no Prescott, but let’s not forget that his two touchdown passes were pressured passes that had almost no chance of going anywhere, and yet he still made them.

  8. Bootleg of Detroit vs bears

    Simple Pick Bears Win by 5, 28- 23 Tight game Bears Struggle in the 1st Qautaer as Usual Lol

  9. Falcons fan here our backend sucks once again Robinson gnna have a big day if we dnt get to Mitch this is gnna be a closer game think pple think unfortunately

  10. Only one of those picks last week on trubisky could be argued as his fault. Sure he didn't play aswell as he should have in the second half, but that mostly had to do with the Coaching and that passive offense in the entire second half.

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