Watch NFL Patrick Mahomes GOES OFF for 4 TDs Against the NFL's Best Defense! | NFL 2020 Highlights

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Patrick Mahomes absolutely crushed it with 385 passing yards and 4 touchdowns to silence the Ravens. The Kansas City Chiefs take on the Baltimore Ravens …

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This NFL’s video is titled Patrick Mahomes GOES OFF for 4 TDs Against the NFL's Best Defense! | NFL 2020 Highlights and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:05:49, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Teams defensivs stands are meaningless until they play the chiefs, no one cares you average 13 points allowed if the opposing team is Hot garbage, the Chiefs will undress all of the "Best defenses" Just cope with that, and it Will be easier to take.

  2. Pause at 4:30, bowser had him sacked and he was pancaked by 3 players and he still converts jusmping in the air like MJ, this due is just Not fair… Every throw is a GOAT throw.

  3. I wanna see chiefs packers SB the older gunslinger vs the new hot shot I think they would be trying to one up the other the whole game plus looks like they have best offensive play calling

  4. Patrick Mahomes got like a robot arm no cap Patrick Mahomes is making impossible throws like its nonthing he was made in a lab or something.

  5. Mahomes accuracy is what’s insane. Dude throws insane passes and they’re all right on the money. Best QB I’ve ever witnessed play.

  6. White 80! Set hut! Mahomes drops back, flushed to the right on the run, FIRES DEEP……..CAUGHT by Tyreke Hill, 60 yard touchdown! What’s the over under I’m hearing this for the next 10 years? lmao

  7. Alright, I'm not gonna lie. I like Mahomes even more now. I don't like it when he beats Tom Brady, but I do love the leadership ability of Mahomes. I will say this, he needs to win a lot more and for about 10 more years before he can be considered in the GOAT tier. Right now he's a young, Elite QB, but he's not GOAT tier and he's not HOF tier… yet.

  8. I’m a Chiefs fan, but why the hell would they send Marlon Humphrey on a blitz on that TD play to Hardman?

  9. This is the guy that Andy Reid has been waiting for his whole life. All the years Reid choked with the Eagles. Finally that curse has ended. It took him this long to get a ring. Will probably add more to his resume because they're starting to look like a dynasty team.

  10. Lamar Jackson in his entire career doesn't have as many yards or TD'S as Patrick Mahomes had in 2018.

  11. The chiefs have the best defense in the league so far making good teams look silly giving up just under 3 tds??

  12. Everyone said all week “Ravens are the best team in the league, they’re gonna crush the Chiefs, Mahomes isnt playing that great this year.” Well they all forgot who Mahomes is and what he does. Lamar loses every game that they fall behind by double digits. Mahomes won 6 straight games coming from behind a double digit deficit and one of those was the Super Bowl. Mahomes is the best player in football and Andy Reid is a creative genius. We’re witnessing the start of the next dynasty and possibly the best QB to ever play.

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