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Aaron Rodgers finds Tonyan in the end zone for the easy touchdown to give Rodgers 4 touchdowns in 3 quarters of play. The Atlanta Falcons take on the Green …

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This NFL’s video is titled 4 Touchdowns, 3 Quarters, All Aaron Rodgers and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:00:35, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. ??????????????????????????
    My Mvp Leaders in my opinion
    1. Aaron Rodgers
    2. Russell Wilson
    3. Patrick Mahomes
    4. Josh Allen
    5. Tom Brady
    I know Russell Wilson been in fire with 16 touchdown passes in 4 games on pace for 64 tds which would break the record but he has future star DK Metcalf and also Tyler Lockett ????????????????????????
    Aaron Rodgers 13 tds and 0 ints And over 125 passer rating is doing it with undrafted free agent WR like Allen Lazard and TE Robert Tonyan
    Davante Adams been hurt pass 2 games
    Aaron Rodgers went into New Orleans and put up 37 points
    I have Tom Brady top 5 in Mvp
    Tom Brady have Buccaneers 3-1 and 1st in NFC South and also 11 tds and 4 ints and 99 passer rating in 4 games on pace for 44 tds
    Tom Brady proving his greatness at age 43 and proving he can play without Bill Belichick
    I know Russell Wilson 1st on Mvp board

  2. The Falcons season is over. the way they been losing games is demoralizing, the moral has to be down in that locker room. They are wasting Julio Jones and Matt Ryan's time in Atlanta. Defense can't hold a league and can't get off of the field. Snyder will be fired, bcus his team isn't reacting to him .locker room is lost

  3. I think it was a trick play. Tonyan fell over and rolled as decoy and shot into the endzone for TD. Damm….I fell for it too. Don't feel bad Atlanta.

  4. I'm pretty sure if I played in the NFL today I could throw for 400 yards and 5 tds every game.

    There's absolutely ZERO defense allowed in today's league. It's really quite pathetic.

    These pansies playing today might as well have flags in their hips. NFL is a woke joke!

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