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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers take on the Chicago Bears during Week 5 of the 2020 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other …

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This NFL’s video is titled Buccaneers vs. Bears Week 5 Highlights | NFL 2020 and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:18:47, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. Foles has a lot of these weird lob throws that you think are going to be intercepted. And I don't know how they didn't pick those 10 yard curls they ran like 4 times (to Robinson mostly).

  2. The better tackling brought on by the frequent penalties for targeting is clear in this game. D backs are keeping their eyes up and wrapping receivers up rather than initiating head-to-head hits. And when there is a big hit — Kyle Fuller on Vaughn — it is clean. A much better game to watch!

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  4. There is something up with the Bucs. They dont look right. Not sure what it is but the Bucs look out of whack and off balance. Nothing seems smooth and normal. Is that just me?

  5. I've started to notice that all of the homosexual quarterbacks in the NFL like to call out "green 18" before the snap.

  6. gronk doesnt look like he should be playin anymore. bradys playin better than he has for sometime now. wish both the best!!!

  7. I always thought the Eagles kept the wrong guy. Foles is clearly a better QB than Wentz, and it's not even close.

    I think this year will prove that both BB and TB12 needed each other to win championships. You could see that BB is clearly not going to win with Hoyer, so the QB matters a lot. It's also becoming apparent that Brady is going to have a tough task of getting these undisciplined clowns to play championship football. I'm sure he misses a coach who was organized and who had control of his players. I'm not impressed with Arians as a coach.

  8. They didn’t beat us we beat our self with the penalties let’s get this upset win against the packers ??????

  9. Great, I live in NWI (30 from The City) & Bears fans are gonna be talking about this like they won the SB ? I already hear it in gas stations ? I love telling them it’s a fluke and talk to me week 15 to see if they’re still doing good. I give them 3 more wins. 4 tops.

  10. All of a sudden Graham is showing up to play this yr after he was ASS in SEA and GB. Dropped so many passes for us and could barely get open. Now hes looking closer to his NO self.

  11. Brady threw some bad ones in this game. That final drive had Evans open on the sidelines and threw it out of reach. Then had his running back open in the flat on 4th and 5 and decided to bomb it in double coverage instead

  12. Open up the stadiums!! The fake fan noise doesn’t match the plays. It’s high time the field was full!!

  13. My Bucs have a very nice Defense, overall they played a solid game on the road against the Bears, but they just came up short in this game, i wish they could have kept the lead but they let the Bears fight back in get back in the Game……

  14. Need more angles and replays in these game highlight reels for future reference.

    Please and Thank You

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