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The Arizona Cardinals take on the Carolina Panthers during Week 4 of the 2020 NFL season. Subscribe to NFL: Check out our other …

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  1. As long as you keep KM contained in the pocket he becomes a regular NFL QB. Will get his passing yards and nothing more. Still the Panthers are looking like a team with much to prove. With all the attention on other teams that are expected to win Carolina can sneak in the back door and make a solid run.

  2. The Panthers used that play action on them till they ran it out of style lol……and the Cards couldn't do nothing about it

  3. Panthers played well I really thought they cant keep it up after McCaffrey was hurt.
    But Davis is also a beast 🙂

  4. Once again vikings screw up and someone else wins. Teddy 2 gloves is great. Wish we didn't ever let him go.

  5. I feel bad for Fitzgerald man, he’s such a elite WR and I was hoping more from D’Andre. He’s my favorite WR to watch in the entire league but this new QB for the Arizona needs to step up, he still playing as a colleague league.

    But my panthers are doing his job ????????? finally I’m glad #KeepPounding

  6. I must say … The Panthers are playing beyond anyone's expectations! I see a Cinderella team if I've ever seen one!

  7. NFL Films! Mic up the Cardinals color commentator Ron Wolfie. He is hilarious and he is football. His quote in this game (I'm watching the Cards vs Jets) he says in his dramatic growl to the play-by-play guy, "Most of my hitting was high speed, David. A lot of fluids flying out of the nose."

  8. @4:36 Cardinals #35 fist pumps like he was the one that stopped Davis. Very next play, Davis rocks #35’s ass head on and he’s sitting there like he don’t know where tf he at ???

  9. As a Seahawks fan I felt for the cardinals at the bebeginning of the season and wanted them to be great their fans deserved it and it would've made the west even more hype

  10. When Murray had 19 completions, he only had 107 yards
    When bridgewater had 19 completions, he had 221 yards

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