Watch NFL D.J. Moore Takes It 57 Yds to the House!

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D.J. Moore nabs a Panther touchdown when Bridgewater fakes the slant and makes the break route. The Carolina Panthers take on the Atlanta Falcons during …

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This NFL’s video is titled D.J. Moore Takes It 57 Yds to the House! and credited to NFL. Viewing time is 00:01:03, enjoy our fellow NFL fans!


  1. 2 things about to happen.

    1) Panthers winning me some good money ?
    2) ATL's pathetic coach getting Fired (Finally)

  2. Isaih Oliver is one of the biggest 2nd round bust as an corner that I have ever seen. Great tackler, poor in coverage. Idk if its the scheme or what but dude is not the answer at that right corner spot. AJ Terrell is looking like an All-Pro with QBs barely throwing to his side on an consistent basis compared to Oliver where they CLEARLY feel comfortable. Move him to safety or the bench but Go Routes and Double Moves are his worst nightmare.

  3. Why do they refuse to throw to this guy? Its annoying seeing Robby anderson getting all the targets when DJ Moore is better and can do more especially with YAC

  4. DJ Moore should have had at least 1 more touchdown. He was wide open on multiple occasions with no one around him but Teddy didn’t look his way. Still a great game by the panthers just got to improve each week

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